ChatGPT Not Showing History? [How To Fix]

ChatGPT Not Showing History

Several ChatGPT users have recently faced the issue of their conversation history disappearing. You might be here because you’re also going through the same issue. This is not something that should be taken lightly as these past conversations hold a number of valuable pieces of information and insights obtained from past interactions of the user with the ChatGPT. If you’re facing this problem of ChatGPT not showing history, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve mentioned the practical way through which you can prevent such issues from happening in the future and retrieve your past conversations.

Why is ChatGPT not showing history?

You might be scared that your past conversations are permanently gone and cannot be retrieved when ChatGPT is not showing history. But, no need to panic as the history is only temporarily not being displayed on the sidebar of your screen. You can easily regain all of the past conversations through some very simple steps.

The issue of ChatGPT not showing history is possibly due to some bug or maintenance. For now, we can assume that the team is working on it to resolve this problem and make all the history available to you. We cannot make an assumption on how long it might take for the restoration of the ChatGPT history. But we can still believe that it will be surely restored as soon as possible.

How to retrieve the conversation history?

Losing your precious conversations in which you’ve put extreme effort and time might be highly frustrating. However, fixing the issue of ChatGPT not showing history is much easier than fixing the internal server error, fixing the error code 1020, or fixing the “at capacity” issue.

As we’ve already mentioned earlier that your history is not completely gone but it is just not being displayed for now. You can retrieve the history of a specific conversation if you happen to have a link to that conversation. If you go to your browser history and select the link to the specific conversation that you wish to access then the entire conversation will appear on your screen. All the advice and suggestions that were previously provided to you by the chatbot, will be available here.

To prevent this issue of ChatGPT not showing history, you can download the saveGPT browser extension. This application provides you with a “chat history” button for viewing saved conversations on the ChatGPT website. Also, it auto-saves all your conversations with the chatbot.

Update: This issue of ChatGPT not showing history has been solved now. You can now see the history by simply logging out and then logging in again. Make sure to download the saveGPT application to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

By Vishal Negal

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