Privacy Policy

This page describes the policies of the images and content used on this website. At “Fixing Port”, we collect the information from different type of sources. Our privacy and policy are highly flexible and can change anytime with respect to the rules and regulations of the nation.

Fixing Port is a website where you can get step-by-step guides to fix all the errors that you are facing in your tech-related life. At Fixing Port, we provide you the easiest way to fix any type of errors that you are currently facing in your day to day life.

As you know that our website is tech-oriented, so we value your information. We understand all the privacy concern related to your data and we promise that we’ll not sell or leak your information. We only ask users for the information required to deliver our newsletter on a daily or weekly basis.

We are Authorized

We assure you that we are trustworthy and authorized. We’ll never going to share your details with any other website or application without your permission. If you got redirected from any link on our website to another website by clicking on the ads, then we recommend you, not to share your personal information related to bank credentials or any other information. But of course, we’ll be responsible for all the things that happen on our website i.e,

Our Terms and Policies

Terms and regulations are important for all the websites that are running over the internet. So, we also have some terms and policies that you have to keep in your mind. These terms and conditions directly applies to you because you are accessing this website. If you don’t agree with our terms, then it’s up to you, you can deny access to our website or you’ll be prohibited by the admins of the website. All the content written on our website is protected by copyright laws.


By subscribing to our website, you’ll get the permission to view and download the content available or uploaded on our website. But there are certain conditions on which you have to agree:

  • You don’t have permission to change or modify the content that you have downloaded from our website.
  • You cannot use our website’s content on any other place without our prior permission.
  • Don’t transfer or copy the data from our website to any other website without our permission.


Fixing Port publishes the credentials and specifications w.r.t dealers’ reference. Hence, Fixing Port doesn’t hold any responsibility for the product’s warranty or any other thing. We at “Fixing Port” use content from other reference websites and also write our own step-by-step guides as well.

Accuracy of the material

We always maintain the accuracy at its best, so that you’ll get everything without any errors or without fake information. If we found any improper information on our website, we’ll change the data immediately.


The links mentioned on our website are not our responsibility. All the content available on the external website is not the responsibility of “Fixing Port”.


We can change or modify the policies and information of our website without notifying our subscribers, but they can surely check our latest updated policies at any time.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We only ask for your name and email id to deliver our newsletter directly to your inbox. We only keep your information in our database till you are our subscriber. Be aware of the websites and advertisements on which you are redirected after clicking on it through our website.

This policy is effective as of 03/09/2019.