10 Strongest Uzumaki Clan Members In Naruto

Strongest Uzumaki Clan Members In Naruto

Who does not love to watch anime, right? Well, if we go back to our childhood, one of the most popular shows to date is Naruto. But an ongoing debate that many viewers tend to be a part of is which is the best clan. Although every viewer has a choice, one popular option is the Uzumaki Clan. This clan is a popular option, and you know what more fun is? The members of the clan, for sure. Today we will discuss ten of the most famous clan members regarding the strongest Uzumaki clan members.

There are other clans, like the Uchiha clan and more. But it is the member diversity of Uzumaki that makes them the best for sure. If you have grown up or watched Naruto, you can relate to this clan’s fun. This is probably one of the most fun clans. Well, who are these clan members? You are in the right spot because we will discuss the best ones!

List of Strongest Uzumaki Clan Members

Regarding the Uzumaki Clan, there are truly quite a few members. Talking about all of them is not feasible. The ten options that we are going to talk about are the most popular ones. Don’t be angry if we miss out on your favorite strongest Uzumaki clan members. While only two are seen in the movies, others frequently appear in the episodes.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

The first character that we are going to talk about is none other than Naruto Uzumaki. This is the most popular one, and each one knows him very well. Although he has a mischievous character initially, he evolves to be more promising later.

Not only that, he moves on to be a strong shinobi as well, probably the strongest! It would not be wrong to say this character is like the saviour of the Uzumaki clan. He also has children, and hence it is a test of time to see if they tend to surpass him in strength and power.

2. Nagato

The next character we will discuss regarding the strongest Uzumaki clan members is Nagato. He is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan and quite powerful as well. He was the leader of the Akatsuki clan and quite strong as well. The story goes like he is probably the second strongest character after the resurrection of Madara.

Nagato is one Ninja known to have the best chakra-sensing skills as well. This one quality tends to separate him from the others at the moment. He is known to be the proponent behind the Six Paths of Pain, which is equally popular.

3. Hinata

Although Anime characters who are female are fewer in number, we must acknowledge that Hinata is extremely popular indeed. After marrying Naruto, she became a part of the Uzumaki clan from the Hyuga clan. But the start could have been smoother. She was deemed weak, just like her husband, but she did emerge victorious.

 Also, she even got the title of “Byakugan Princess”. She is famous for her Gentle First technique, which makes us different. She is the perfect partner to Naruto and a popular option among the strongest Uzumaki clan members.

4. Boruto

How can we talk about the Uzumaki clan members and not mention Boruto? In the future, he will become the most popular and take Naruto’s spot. As the son of Naruto and Hinata, he is a compelling character – kudos to the bloodline.

He has been a true testimony of hard work and genetics. To master his skills more, he also has an innate knowledge of chakras. He is training hard to be the most powerful. There is enough anticipation that, in some years, he will gain that position very quickly!

5. Ashina

Just like the rules of real life, we need to remember that each clan needs a leader. Ashina Uzumaki, for sure, is the leader of this clan and the man behind the strongest Uzumaki clan members! He is a true testimony of wondrous powers. He is always seen carrying two swords on his back, which makes his character unique.

Although he is extremely old, being the clan, he has immense powers. Ashina Uzumaki is rightfully the perfect clan leader. His perseverance and love for the clan allow him to be a favourite of the members and viewers.

6. Kushina

No hero is ever complete without their mother – are they? Kushina is the mother of Naruto and the wife of Minato Namikaze. She has been known to be a powerful character in the field, and since the start, her skills have been at par.

 She is a part of the Uzumaki clan and has excellent knowledge about Chakras and life force. The main feature of her character is that Kushina is the perfect embodiment of power and virtue. She is a lady who stands tall in her practice and is well-known among the strongest Uzumaki clan members.

7. Karin

Do you remember the redhead whom we often saw with Orochimaru? Well, it is none other than Karin, and he is also famous as one of the strongest Uzumaki clan members. Karin is known to be a member of the anime, but she definitely has a dark past. She fell in love with Sasuke later in life and decided to join the Uzumaki clan. Just like the other members of the clan, she is known for her knowledge of Chakras and the forces of life.

8. Mito

How can we talk about the strongest Uzumaki clan members and not about Mito? Mito was a part of the clan before the clan moved out to the Hidden Leaf Village. She got married to one of the best Shinobi in history. However, most people do not know where her powers originate. She is like a big mystery to date, yet to be deciphered.

9. Himawari

The next in the discussion about the strongest Uzumaki clan members is none other than Himawari. When we mention her in this list, her strength is relatively high. But other than that, she is the younger sister of Boruto and the daughter of Naruto and Hinata. One of the unique features of her character is that she is known to be quite a prodigy, just like her brother. Himawari is also exceptionally talented because she unlocked the Byakugan without prior training in the field.

10. Fuso 

And finally, the last name in the field that deserves equal accreditation is none other than Fuso. She is Nagato’s mother and a nurse in the village of Amegakure. She does not have many skills out in public, and hence not much is known about her.


There is no doubt that other clans are in the popular anime Naruto. However, the collection of the strongest Uzumaki clan members makes this team one of the best. If you are an anime fan, we are sure you have been able to relate so much to this piece! After all, there is no anime without our favorite Uzumaki clan, right?