How To Add Members To Spotify Family Plan? [Guide]

Add Members To Spotify Family Plan

Spotify is a digital platform which provides access to millions of songs, music, podcast, and other contents from all over the world to the user. Listening to music, which is a free basic function of the app, but the user can upgrade to the premium category and access all the services. Spotify also has a unique feature to add members to Spotify family plan by which you can add your friends or relatives to the plan by sending them the invite through email.

Some of the users are not able to add members to Spotify family plan even after sending the email invite; in the below article, we will learn how we can resolve this issue. To invite the member, just follow the below steps.

Steps to add members to Spotify family plan

  • Go to your account page.
  • To the left on the menu, there will be an option Premium for Family, click on it.
  • Select an Empty slot.
  • Click on Invite With Link, or you can enter the Spotify email address of the person you wish to invite and click on Send Invite.

You will receive a confirmation mail from Spotify when the member has been successfully added to the Premium for Family subscription.

Now the member who once receives the invite needs to accept the invite. For that he has to open the link received and tap on Accept Invitation. Now there are two scenarios.

If you already have a Free or Spotify-created Premium account

The member will be re-directed to a new browser page, which will contain all the pre-filled token, and the member has to click on REDEEM.

If you do not have a Spotify account

If the member does not have an account, then they will have to do the following steps.

  • The member will be re-directed to create a Spotify free account.
  • After creating the account, reopen the link you received and tap on the ACCEPT INVITATION.
  • Now, The member will be re-directed to a new browser page with a pre-filled token, click on REDEEM.

Hope by following the above steps, you are able to add members to Spotify family plan and are able to enjoy the content available on this App.

How do I add family members to Spotify on the iPhone?

To add family members to your Spotify account on iPhone, Sign in to your account, scroll down and tap on Manage under Manage your Family Plan. Tap on Invite and fill the Email address and then, tap on Send Invite.

Is Spotify family worth it?

Yes, you can save almost $45/month. Spotify’s premium plan for families can save your money if you all are paying for separate plans.

How do I kick someone off my Spotify family plan?

To remove someone from Spotify, go to your Account page, then on the Premium Family tab, tap on the Member you want to Remove and Confirm it.