After Chrome & Edge, Apple’s Search Engine Is All Set To Make Its Arrival

Apple’s Search Engine

As per the latest news, Apple has taken its baby steps towards developing its own search engine. Apple’s search engine Is comparatively late, but right now, Is the talk of the town. In accordance with various insights and reports that we have accumulated, we might have legitimate proof from sources and research which throw light on a probable arrival of Apple’s search engine.

Apple’s Search Engine

From the very search of search engineers to its spotlight search bypassing Google with iOS 14 beta, the Cupertino based company has indicated something definitely brewing under the table. This is a bit of a surprise to us and this is because Google pays billions of dollars for Chrome to remain as the default browser for Apple devices and this arrangement has been going on for years now. But now, the table seems to be taking a turn as Apple is seeking to come up with its own search engine.

Furthermore, Coywolf has too enlightened us with various indicators that point towards Apple working on its own search engine. The very first fact that applies to this situation confirming our doubt is that Apple has opened up job vacancies for search engine engineers and we can’t think of a better reason to answer the question. This job requires the following prerequisites – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processors as the main benchmark for selection.

Secondly, Applebot, who is supposed to the web crawler for Apple is doing its job pretty well as Apple’s spotlight search crosses Google’s search results and this talks a lot about ongoing experimentations with regards to Apple’s upcoming project. There are speculations that reveal that Apple might come p with an absolutely personalized data hub as its Apple search engine for starters which would be completely Ad-free and just for private use.

There is also a theory that says that the tech-giant could put ML and AI techniques to favour iOS users in its search capabilities to its fullest potential. Well, only time will tell us what Apple has in store for us and all we can do is wait for an official announcement from the tech giant.

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