Battlegrounds Mobile India Has Been Announced Officially

Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile had a huge number of users last year. But when the Indian government officially banned this game, many users had heartbreak. Since then it was a rumor that PUBG corporation is going to launch a whole new game in a new avatar for Indians. Now, those rumors and leaked information have turned into a reality. Because the parent company of the same game named Krafton has released an official statement that they are launching Battlegrounds Mobile India. This news has brought a wide smile to PUBG Mobile’s user face.

More About Battlegrounds Mobile India

The official statement which was released earlier by Battlegrounds India earlier states that it will be free to play for every Android and IOS user. They haven’t yet released a full specification regarding the game but they’ll likely release a game with outfits and some interesting features. The gaming company Krafton also mentioned that it will have its esports ecosystem.

Besides that, you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Because as per developers, they will be collecting and storing all the data in full compliance by keeping all rules and regulations in mind which are applicable in India for players. Therefore, the previous rumors stating that your privacy can be breached by the developers is a total fuss. You can download the game once it is available and enjoy it to the fullest without any worries.

All developers of Krafton have to go through rigorous efforts; crossing all the hurdles of the government of India to make the game available for Indian fans. But the real concern is its launching date. Because in their official statement they haven’t yet mentioned a date of release. So, this will keep you waiting for a while, but this wait is going to be worth it.

We can expect some official statement about the launching of the statement super soon. This will also result in guesswork up to that time whether the game will be similar to that of PUBG or something different.

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