13 Best PS4 Survival Games [Updated List For This Year]

Best PS4 Survival Games

Here’s the list of best PS4 survival games.

Although the gaming industry has been snowballing since the last decade, it still has so much space to grow. Famous personalities, like Elon Musk, also commented that the gaming industry is very profitable and it can only go up. Moreover, gaming platforms considerably boosted the streaming platform too, where numerous players upload or live-stream their gameplay.

Two genres of gaming, Moba and Survival are getting all the attention recently. But most of them are based on PC platforms, which is hard for the PlayStation players who bought PlayStation for the sole purpose of gaming.

List Of Best PS4 Survival Games

The games listed below are the best PS4 survival game and can be played on PS5 too.

1. How To Survive

How To Survive

First off, this game is a ‘couch co-op’ survival game where you’re surrounded by zombies, and to survive you must craft tools for your safety. In the early stage, you’ll have much difficulty as the inventory weapons will be difficult to make and the horde of zombies are hard to kill.

The gameplay is hard and the players have to grind more. The soundtrack and graphics are good but not on an ‘awesome’ level. The most criticized chunk of this game is its ‘scripted exploration’, where you can only travel from one point to another as the game tells you to do, without much ‘actual’ exploration.

2. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a game based on the fictional character ‘Conan the Barbarian’ from the books of Robert E Howard. The game tries to imitate the harsh environment where the danger lies in every corner. For starters, you have to keep a constant check on your health bar, food, and thirst level.

Wolves and other wild animals will keep attacking you. Even if you survive that, you’ll have to save yourself from the sandstorm. The features of this game are alluring and make it one of the best PS4 survival games.

3. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a classic survival game that has a really good intro. In this game, players have to keep an eye on their health, thirst, hunger, and sleep. Players also have to survive against the elements they face.

The game mechanics allow you to build shelters freely with adequate space and resources that you can find on the island itself. Graphics and soundtracks are the most intriguing in this game.

4. Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada is one of the unique games that you’ll find on this list. It’s a randomly generated road-trip simulator to Canada, where the places are filled with hordes of zombies that you can clear with your group in search of fuel and food.

As for the characters, you can choose from the preset ones or create your own. The pixelated storyline is well appreciated, and the soundtrack throughout the journey is voted to be awesome. There’s no harm trying such an amazing and one of the best PS4 survival games.

5. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a hardcore adventure-packed survival game. In this game, the player is dropped in an unforgiving wilderness that is filled with beasts, with only one objective in mind: don’t starve.

Starting with no equipment, the player has to look for food and light throughout the day and survive at the night. The crafting element is also there that can be confusing at first. But, as you move through the unguided gameplay without any hints, you’ll start figuring things out.

6. ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved

Although ARK is not yet well optimized in PlayStation 4 but its concept of survival is unmatched till date. It’s a masterpiece from the Wildcard Studio that includes all the survival aspects like resource grinding, PVP, and an additional element of dinosaurs in the game.

This game supports single-player mode, multiplayer mode, FPP (first-person perspective), and TPP (third-person perspective). Apart from that, several caves in this game are filled with danger but if the players survive through them they will get good rewards. ARK would have been a better recommendation if there weren’t so many bugs in the game.

7. Rust


Rust is an FPP (first-person perspective) game that will either leave you jobless, antisocial, or broken. You can be grinding the whole day for 20 hours straight. But, when you wake up the next day, either your base is non-existent, or someone else took over it.

For those who can’t put hours of in-game time in Rust, it’s good for them to just leave it. The story of this game is that you’re spawned naked on an island, and you have to grind and fight your way up the ladder. There’s a lot more than you can imagine. All the while, you must follow one great law of Rust: Trust No One.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft - YouTube Games

Even in this fast progressing world, there are corners where the internet has not reached. But if they’ve even scratched the surface of the gaming community, they’ll be familiar with this game. Minecraft’s fandom spans larger than any other sandbox or survival game. It’s a sandbox game where you’ll mine resources, build your dream home, defend against monsters or other players.

The in-game concept is way too vast to describe in words. But heed my words, it can be too addictive for your good and can surely be called one of the best PS4 survival games because of its popularity and plot. If you are a mobile gamer and want to try your luck in streaming, you can live-stream the gameplay of Minecraft as it is one of the best Android games for YouTube Channel.

9. This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine

This game takes the opportunity to throw you into the dark notion of human history, where a group of civilians is trapped in a war-torn of Eastern European city. While playing the game, the only thing you will feel throughout the journey is despair, people will rely on you with their lives.

And no matter how hard you try to avoid casualties, lives are going to be lost, and you won’t be able to hold anyone responsible, but yourself. The game will present you tough moral situations, and along with the ominous music, there’s going to be a lot of pressure.

10. Subnautica


Subnautica takes you under the water of an alien planet where you can build your base in the water, and as you unlock more diving ships you can explore more depth. But remember that it’s a survival game for a reason, and creatures of the deep might not be too happy about you barging in their habitat.

This game gives us something ‘out of the blue’ (pun intended), that unexpected element is tranquility, and the oceanic sounds of little big creatures play a big role in it.

11. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

Most survival games make the survival aspect so simple and fun that it stops resembling a survival game anymore. The Long Dark steps give us a reality check of what a real post-apocalyptic world might look like (no resource farming or zombie-killing nonsense).

The gameplay revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where the enemy isn’t any monster but the loneliness and cruel world. You will virtually experience what an apocalypse feels like while mother nature strips away your life every other minute.

12. The Forest

The Forest

The Forest of this game might seem like it falls in line with other classical survival games. But when the survival journey starts, you’ll find that game is inspired by the movies such as The Descent, Cannibal Holocaust. The plot revolves around how you are going to retrieve your son from bloodthirsty cannibals, who took him after your flight crashed on this cursed island.

This game is filled with mysteries and is so detailed that the sentient beings act differently to what weapon you are holding, how much health you have, and they’ll even stalk you to your base to launch an attack later. The game is dark, with decent graphics and content.

13. The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

The developers outdid themselves, winning hearts and awards. It’s the best PS4 survival game and with its price being lowered after years of its release, it should be your top pick. And not because of its price, but it has really good graphics, marvelous in-game story, and character development.

The plot revolves around Ellie and Joel who share a bond of a true father and daughter and strive to survive in a chaotic world of infectious diseases and deadly people. There’s a lot of rich content, a lot of death, and even more twists. It should be a must-buy now!


We hope this article helps you in finding the right game that clicks with your preference. lets us know in the comments which game you have selected from the above list of best PS4 survival games. So, play more and explore more!

Which is the most realistic survival game?

Subnautica is the most realistic survival game.

Which is the best survival game of all time?

Don’t Starve is the best survival game of all time.

Which is the hardest survival game?

The Forest is the hardest survival game.

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