Boult Curve Pro Bluetooth Earphones Launched At Rs. 1,499

Boult Curve Pro Bluetooth Earphones

On 25th August Boult Curve Pro Bluetooth Earphones have been launched via Amazon in India. So, a new piece of the affordable model has been added to the list of users who can easily handle intensive workout sessions without any disturbance. These earphones are priced at Rs. 1,499.

Boult Curve Pro Bluetooth Earphones Design and specifications

These Earphones are available in three colors red, grey, and green. This device is available with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. If you have some important work to do and your earphones are running low on charge then 10 minutes of charging will give you 100 minutes of playback. The device has 12 hours of battery life along with fast charging.

Moreover, if your device is on silent then Boult Curve is offering you a vibration feature once you get an incoming call. You won’t miss any important calls because of this additional functionality.

The structure of the earphones is almost like the Curve X Bluetooth Earphones. These Earphones are neckband-style wireless earphone and the headset weighs 95 grams. There also exists a Kevlar cable for longevity and magnetic clapping mechanism. These earphones are available with an adjustable clip and ear fins for a suitable fit.

This device supports Google Voice assistant plus Siri is also available. The features of Boult Curve Pro Bluetooth Earphones are volume, Playback, and call answering or rejecting which is amazing.

If you are into fitness and you need good earphones while working out then you can give a headshot to it. Because the earphones also feature an IPX5 rating that means you can use it during your workout sessions without worrying about sweat issues; it won’t harm the earphones at all.

These Earphones Competing against!

The competition of this device will be with popular sets like Boat, Xiaomi, Realme plus with Mi Neckband Bluetooth earphones, and Realme Buds Wireless. The company Boult attacked the existing devices from both sides; because these earphones are slightly giving the better version of the earphones at an affordable price. And also, the IPX5 water resistance and the vibrating neckband adds bonus against the competitors. And this company also goes ahead with four more new wireless launches which are priced from Rs. 1,799 onwards.