Can Midjourney Create Vector Art?

Can Midjourney Create Vector Art

Midjourney is an incredible online tool for creating photorealistic images, but can Midjourney create vector art? Scalable and versatile file formats are offered by vector graphics. They can be utilized for high-quality print output and flexible web graphics. Vector graphics are typically used for logo design, print materials, mobile applications, web design, and mapping as well as GIS, signage, architectural drawings, animation, and much more.

On the one hand, Midjourney tends to create impressive graphics and on the other hand, it can only format pixel-based image format. Let’s find out if Midjourney can make vector art.


Even if you can’t use Midjourney for converting designs into vector art, you can use TraceJourney. Tracejourney is a new AI tool that is available and specifically designed to convert and vectorize pixel images.

Tracejourney is a Discord bot, therefore it is extremely easy to convert Midjourney graphics to vectors without actually leaving Discord.

Can Midjourney Create Vector Art? Let’s Find Out!

Step 1: Access the Tracejourney App on Discord

Once you enter the server of TraceJoureny Discord. You can also watch #video-tutorials, and you will be able to find that the Midjourney Bot is involved in order to generate Midjourney images.

Sadly, one will be unable to use the Tracejourney bot in his/her own Discord server, so one has to make essential changes, which is okay.

Step 2: Generate the Image

Rather than using #images channels, it is preferable to generate Midjourney images with the help of the Midjourney Bot. It can be carried out by simply sending it a message. This prevents it from being mixed with other works.

Generate An Image - Midjourney

While creating images in Midjourney, I prefer to add ‘2D vector’ in the prompt so that Midjourney understands that it is an illustration aimed at vector art.

Step 3: Copy the URL Link and send it to Tracejourney

After creating an image and uploading it in Midjourney, simply control-click, so that tab options can be opened, and then select the copy link option.

Copy The Link URL - Midjourney

Again, it is favorable to directly message Discord bots instead of using #image channels. Send a message to Tracejourney Bot.

The next step is to type /URL and then paste the Midjourney link image.

TraceJourney Bot

Step 4: Vectorize the image

Tracejourney then gives various options, among them click on the Vectorize option, in this way, Tracejoueny will transform the image into a vector graphic.

Vectorize Your Image - Tracejourney Bot

Step 5: Download the SVG Graphic

By clicking the download option, SVG can be exported and can be used in several graphics programs like Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Download Your SVG Graphic - TraceJourney

Final Opinion

Scalable file formats like vector graphics, and SVG do not have limitations in terms of resolution. Hence, it is possible to make printable items and also utilize them in web animations. So, can Midjourney create vector art? Yes!

Midjourney Create Vector Art

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