Daler Mehndi Buys “Balle Balle Land” In Metaverse

Balle Balle Land

Do you know about the Balle Balle Land? Metaverse is getting more popular day by day and people are loving the vibes. The Indian singer popularly known as Daler Mehendi has bought land in the metaverse. He is the first Indian to do so. He has named this digital piece of land “Balle Balle Land.” We know, not a great or clever name but still, he has made a record. Let’s dive deep into this and understand more about the same.

The Unveiling of Balle Balle Land by Daler Mehendi In Metaverse

Let’s call it BBL. Daler inaugurated BBL on a virtual platform named PartyNite, a made-in-India metaverse. This happened at a national festival, Holi. Not just this but Daler also is the first ever Indian artist to perform a digital metaverse concert. But after the purchase, he created a world record for being the first Indian to have a metaverse property.

You can check his official social media handle to see the post relating to this property. If you see his Instagram bio, you will see “First Metaverse Man, Owner of Balle Balle Land.” A post shows the artist exploring his BBL and also doing one of his signature Balle Balle dancing steps.

If you have not seen BBL before then we will tell you, it is something extraordinary. You will be able to see a huge golden statue of the artist himself with various water streams running around the area. There are multiple bridges too. He also made NFT of passports and gave them to people who wanted to join the singer in his land. He also made his merch shop in the metaverse.

You can go on the PartyNite website to book your slot for the next event at BBL. Purchase merch and have fun with your friends all day long. Do you think the metaverse is getting more and more efficient or is it just going to disappear suddenly? Hopefully, you liked this Balle Balle Land of our beloved singer, and let’s congratulate him for making a record.