Darker Sky Is A Functional Dark Sky Clone App For Android

Darker Sky

If you are a user of the Dark sky app, then you might be aware of the fact that the Dark sky app was shut down for Android users. A well-known hyperlocal weather app that was available on both iOS and Android before 1 August 2020.

Now, this app is no longer available on Google play store. Dark Sky, the go-to weather app which was discontinued, and now it makes a return on the Android platform with a new name i.e, Darker sky. An Android developer decides to build a dark sky in the form of a Darker sky for the users. There is nothing impossible for the apps till “a prolific developer and reverse engineer exists. An app for the Android user that brings back all the features of Dark sky except the paid feature. And you can use it as an alternative to the Dark sky.

How to download Darker Sky?

The new app Darker sky was built by the Dark sky APK and then pairing it with iOS API key for the data. If you are used to this app, then you can head up towards telegram to grab the APK file and download this app.

While downloading this app, you will get a Google play protects warning because you won’t be downloading from Google play store. The app shows temperature, wind, precipitation reports, government alerts, daily summary, and some helpful tools like radar views and the time machine tool. This app is for a short period of time because it’s the Apple company-owned app. Features that don’t work are weather report submissions, weather notifications/alerts, and widgets.

Surprisingly, the Darker sky project has seemed to be successful and will walk through the end of 2021. This app gives the same feel as the Dark sky App. This app will lose energy soon because it is at its shaky ground.