Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A Launched In India For $54.99

Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A

The computer company from the United States, Dell recently held a product launch event for its latest innovation. Dell announced the launch of the Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A, which is a new audio product designed to be the perfect monitor companion.

This product is marketed with the tagline “the world’s slimmest and lightest soundbar” or the slimmest and lightest soundbar in the world.

Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A Features

It comes with the serial number SB521A. This device has a built-in magnet system that allows it to be attached directly to the bottom of the monitor. It has dimensions of 298mm x 18mm x 24mm and weighs 114g.

Considering these dimensions, Dell claims that the Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A is the slimmest soundbar product in the world.

The speakers connect via the USB Type-A port, providing a seamless plug-and-play soundbar with effective cable management for compatible monitors. The user’s work desk will also not look cluttered with cables.

This new Dell soundbar can also attach magnetically to compatible Dell monitors. The presence of these magnets serves as a feature that makes it easier for consumers to tilt, shift, and rotate the monitor with the soundbar firmly attached.

Carrying a slim and easy to set up theme, installing the Dell Soundbar SB521A is a breeze. To install it, consumers do not need any software, power cable, or battery. Just plug the soundbar cable into the monitor’s USB-A port and the soundbar is plugged in and it starts working.

There is also a safety chain that is included and an external lock if the customer wants to protect the soundbar.

Final Words

Dell Slim Soundbar is offered at a price of $54.99. One set of purchases for this product consists of the SB521A series, security chain, and supplementary documents. Consumers can buy it on the official Dell website and get a 3-year warranty.

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