Does TikTok Track Your Location? [Complete Details]

Does TikTok Track Your Location

Does Tiktok track your location? As security has become a very common question among various Tiktok users, So let’s explore the query in detail.

Does TikTok Track Your Location?

The simple answer to this question is Yes, TikTok does track your location from the time, when you first installed and signup on the app on your phone. From that first time, your account is made publicly available to all the users. That means anyone can see your TikTok profile, can direct message you, and can also see your location. But the most concerned one is your location because all other privacy issues can be resolved easily. If you want to know how? Just follow this article “does TikTok have parental controls?

Back to your location Privacy. The question is does TikTok tracks your location is very vague. The actual specification of the question lies in security.

Procedure to change your location on TikTok

Tiktok uses your region to describe your location, it makes sense as chances of getting more views on your video increases if people are interested in your content. Regional people are the one who gets easy to target as they can relate to it.

Usually, a VPN is used to change your location, but that doesn’t seem to work with TikTok. Because TikTok seems to use your SIM region code to decide what you see. So, if you want to change the location in TikTok the only way is to swap your SIM card with the SIM of a different region. The reality of doing this is simple enough if you are familiar with eBay and used it to search for products from other regions.

If you want to appeal to the audience of a particular region, then just buy a SIM card from that region and use it when you use TikTok. We know its a hassle to change the SIM card again and again unless you have a dual SIM phone.

How TikTok track is absolutely safe and in favor of you

The actual server is always blind to your private data. But if your IP address is visible online, anyone can find the location of your device. Just by pinging and using the traceroute on the packet header of your local server, you can easily discover the traffic packet location.

The only way to hide your location from the stalkers is to use a high-quality VPN service. That will secure the privacy of your data and location. The VPN application assigns you packet traffic to distant random servers. Thus gives you the ability to change your IP address to an alternative IP address location.

Furthermore, we recommend not to add your personal contact and address details on your TikTok account. But anyhow reason you add these details on TikTok, then it is good to hide these details from the strangers using privacy settings.