Endless OS 3.9.1 Arrives With Updated Hardware Support And More

Endless OS 3.9.1

Andre Magalhaes has announced the launch of a new stable version of Linux-based Endless OS 3.9.1, after months of hard work and development. Let’s know more about the Endless OS 3.9.1.

Endless OS 3.9.1: New Features

All the previous version 3.9.0 issues have been resolved with the launch of the latest version, 3.9.1.

For example – To fix the Linux Kernel keyboard support on Asus laptops; the company has added some new features. The problem of the display of the menu and notifications on the screen has also resolved.

Also, now the ISO image of version 3.9.1 will not take a long time during the boot time.

For the software; the VirtualBox-guest-utils package is updated and enabled the 3D acceleration by default. You can import downloadable OVF images of Endless OS on VMWare or VirtualBox.

Overall, you can update your running Endless OS previous version and enable the 3D acceleration by changing the VM settings.

What Endless OS 3.9.1 is offering:

  • To support the new Graphics cards, the NVIDIA driver is upgraded to 450.80.02.
  • Now, there is automatic removal of unused Flatpack runtimes during the upgrade. 
  • To simplify the configuration of the application’s installation restrictions, there is an updated Parental Controls application.
  • New changes are introduced to install or update the applications smoothly from the App Centre.

Moreover, the Endless dev team has now made the Hack application; available on other platforms by publishing it on the Flat hub Linux App Store. That means you can run the Hack app on any GNOMW based Linux system.

Lastly, the new version will be available in a few days; you can update your running system or install the 3.9.1 version from the official website.

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