GDC 2021 Will Be A “Hybrid” Event, To Be Held In San Francisco

GDC 2021

Once after the organizer’s Consumer Technology Association (CTA) of Consumer Electronics Show popularly known as CES announced about their upcoming plan for the year 2021, on hearing that the Organizers of Game Development Conference making their plan for the year 2021 – GDC 2021. On a comparative study, the CES 2021 will happen by January 2021 whereas the GDC 2021 will happen around July where its usual scheduled period is March.

GDC 2021 Will Be A “Hybrid” Event

After the press release of the GDC 2021 event, we got to know that the event will happen by July 19-23 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, and importantly as a “hybrid” event. This is just because of the COVID 19 – pandemic situation. The twisting and catchy elements of the GDC is that the event is not fully virtual.

To be precise about the GDC, the event will be partly physical and partly virtual. According to the statement released by the organizers, “a hybrid event taking place physically in San Francisco with a robust virtual offering. This will take place from Monday, July 19th through Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at the Moscone Center in the San Francisco and online.” Also, the organizer offers the attendees “a choice of attendance options and possibilities for GDC”.

The GDC 2021 planned for a virtual class that will come up with the ‘Master Classes’ in late 2020. The organizer further said, “The masterclasses will be day-long and multi-day virtual workshops featuring deep-dive looks at particular aspects of the game development craft.” As an addition to the event, GDC 2020 which was planned to happen by March 2020 in San Francisco, California was postponed to August 4-6 which is a fully-virtual event. Let us enlighten and enjoy technology learning.

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