How To Generate Song From Text Using AI?

Generate Song From Text Using AI

Do you want to generate a song from text using AI? Then you must be looking for software and websites to do it. But it is not an easy job; only a few software or websites can do it. However, with the evolution of technology, it is now possible to generate a song from the text.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for you. It simplifies every complex task and comes up with a solution for many problems in daily life. Whether you want to do your science project, get some rhyming lines for your poem, or write programming codes, AI has always got your back.

The good part is AI can also help you create music from the text. If you have tried doing it in ChatGPT but failed, fret not. We have got a solution for you. So, let us find out how you can generate a song from text using AI.

How does AI generate songs from the text?

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter every day. The AI tools are programmed in a way to solve all our problems using the tremendous amount of data fed to them. All they do is search the data factory and bring you the most appropriate solution. 

Talking about generating music, AI can do a good job. While manual song creation can take months and years, AI can do it in a few minutes with just a few clicks. You only need to provide the original text, and AI will convert it into a song.

ChatGPT does not have such features. But there are other AI music generator tools to help you create a song. With a text file as input, AI can generate music and carry out tuning processing, optimization, scaling, and much more.

Which AI tools can generate a song from the text?

There are few AI tools to generate songs from the text. However, after much research, we have brought a few reliable AI music generator tools to help you. Here are the AI tools to generate a song from the text.


Introducing AI Songwriter, a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the process of songwriting using artificial intelligence. With, musicians, songwriters, and aspiring artists can unlock their creative potential and effortlessly craft captivating songs. Using cutting-edge algorithms, analyzes patterns, rhymes, and melodies to generate unique and original song lyrics tailored to your style and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a catchy chorus, heartfelt verses, or a memorable bridge, It provides instant inspiration and guidance. Collaborate with the AI, explore different genres, and refine your compositions to create music that resonates with your audience. Experience the future of songwriting with this AI Songwriter.

2. is one of the best AI song-generator tools. It has many features and functionalities to add spice to your original text and convert it into music. It does not restrict you to anything and lets you explore the music world.

It has numerous tools to customize the song generated from the text according to your liking. You can make more than 3500 text-to-speech conversions using this versatile AI song generator tool.

It also adds the flavour of professional musicians to your songs according to your choice. You can choose from many music stars, such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Cardi B, etc. also adjusts the song’s tone to match your text perfectly.

All you need to do is copy and paste your lyrics on the interface of this AI tool and press the convert button. It will make the best music out of it using AI and ML algorithms and modify it using Natural Language Processing to give it a natural effect. Hence, you can employ and generate songs from text with just a few clicks.

3. VoiceMod

VoiceMod is another AI song generator on our list. It has all the features you need to create incredible music in seconds. All of it comes for free, and it does not charge you anything for generating songs from text using AI.

It comes with a voice changer and modifier tools, which can alter the sound of your music. You can choose from many options, such as the voice of a man, woman, robot, animal, etc. You also get many choices for music styles and genres to best match your taste.

Besides, there are other tools you can use to modify your songs further. The best part is VoiceMod comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use only with a little practice initially. So, if you want an AI song generator to match the emotions of your lyrics best, VoiceMod is your call.

4. MusicLM

MusicLM is the AI music generator tool well-known for creating high-quality songs. It gives you many tools and features to modify your songs. The effects you can add to your text-generated song are simply many, thus giving you an upper hand in creating soothing music.

It employs AI to generate songs from text and lets you use other devices, such as MIDI, to upgrade your song by adding layers. However, this AI song generator has a few limitations regarding copyright issues in the music industry.

The creators are all set to add more and more features to make this AI song generator top-class in the future. Hence, you can use MusicLM to modify your text-generated songs to your liking.


AI makes it possible to generate a song from the text. It uses ML algorithms and NLP and makes the best use of technology to provide you with your music. You can use your original lyrics and convert them into a song with the help of these AI song-generator tools. Hence, you can explore these options and go on a bizarre musical journey.