How Does MacBook Air M1 Cool Itself? [Detailed Info]

How Does MacBook Air M1 Cool Itself

Apple had announced its MacBook Air M1 back in November 2020, which is a 13-inch mini-powerhouse. It has the capability to consume less power compared to others. As far as the internals of MacBook Air M1 is concerned, it is almost similar to its previous generation modes. It’s just that a fan has been removed. And, that’s where the problem lies. Other than that, there are many performance improvements too. With upgraded performance, the removal of the fan is a step back from its models and there have been many questions regarding how does MacBook Air M1 cool itself?

How Does MacBook Air M1 Cool Itself?

Instead of the cooling fan of the MacBook Air M1, a heat spreader, made up of aluminum has been used. Then there is a copper pipe, which transfers the heat to a heatsink. From there, the heat is pushed out with the help of a fan. Moreover, MacBook Air M1 has a cold plate over its processor. The heat gets dissipated towards that. And after that, it uses the copper pipe and vapor chamber to cool itself. Finally, this is how does MacBook Air M1 cool itself.

Even though the fan has been removed, MacBook Air M1 does not get hot easily. With multiple tabs opened in the browser and numerous apps being used simultaneously, the device did not get hot to a great extent. The M1 chip is too powerful to keep the device cool even if it is used heavily.

So, it is very clear that there is no need for the fan. The powerful chip is enough to keep it cool. Other than this, the M1 chip is also being used to increase the efficiency and speed of the MacBook Air M1.


There have been countless discussions based on how does MacBook Air M1 cool itself, but the reason behind it is that it gets a little warm. The cooling system used in this case is just perfect enough. The matter being so controversial, some users do not like the product, but many like it as well.

Listening to videos based on its absence of a cooling fan will never let you know the positive effects of using this device. Use it and judge accordingly!

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Does MacBook Air M1 have cooling fan?

No, it doesn’t have a cooling fan.

Does a cooling pad help MacBook Pro?

No, cooling pads will not help MacBook Pro in cooling because it doesn’t have any vents at the bottom.

How do I cool down my MacBook?

Don’t use it outside in the sun and put it on table or desk while using it.

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