How Threads is Different from Twitter?

How Threads is Different from Twitter

Do you think Threads is different from Twitter? Let’s find out. The Threads app came packaged as Meta’s answer to Twitter, so Elon Musk himself reacted to a tweet claiming the uncanny similarities. Nobody can deny that the two apps do come across as similar at least at first glance.

Key Points to Consider to See if Threads is Different From Twitter

  1. Possibly the biggest and most obvious difference is the requirement of an Instagram account to access the Threads app. Unless you are on Instagram, you cannot be on Threads. Moreover, since Threads lets you bring over your followers, your account already has a base on which to build further.
  2. One of the many complaints about the Threads app is that users are unable to save a drafted post for sharing at a later time. While Twitter already has this feature, users of the Threads app do not have this feature at present.
  3. Another difference would be to do with the fact that a tweet has a limit of 280 characters, which increases significantly to 25,000 characters if the user is willing to pay $8 per month for the coveted verified badge. In contrast, the character count limit on the Threads app is 500 irrespective of whether you are a verified account or not. Additionally, the verified status of an Instagram account holds for the Threads account as well.
  4. On Twitter, creating a thread is as easy as hitting the tiny plus while drafting your post. On the Threads app, one has to press enter thrice every time to add a new entry.
  5. Twitter permits unverified accounts to post video content slightly exceeding two minutes, while Threads enables all users to share videos with a duration of up to five minutes.
  6. Over time, the Threads community will be able to expand beyond Instagram as the app is built on the same foundation of ActivityPub, which powers other decentralized applications.
  7. Unlike on Twitter, it is not possible to look up the posts that other users have liked on Threads.
  8. While Twitter allows you to explore everything that interests you and what is currently trending worldwide, the homepage on Threads has comparatively limited content.
  9.  Most importantly, there are no ads on the Threads app at least for now.
  10. The activity of blocking and muting accounts works in the same way on Threads as on Instagram.

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By Vishal Negal

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