Things To Know Before Downloading iOS 14.6 Update

iOS 14.6 Update

Apple has recently released the iOS 14.6 update, which has already created a buzz among iPhone users. In May, Apple released the iOS 14.5 update, which Apple claimed to conceal some flaws that the previous iOS update contained. In fact, now Apple has released its latest iOS update, iOS 14.6.

According to the release note of Apple’s new iOS update, they have allegedly stated that this new update will patch and conceal the ‘vulnerabilities’ that iOS 14.5 update could not do.

iOS 14.6 Update Features

Apple claims that they have fixed several bugs and vulnerabilities of the operating system via their latest iOS update. Last month, Apple persuaded its users to update their iPhone to iOS 14.5. But now, they are up with another update of the iOS, which is being claimed to be better and more reliable than the previous one.

iOS 14.6 is available for iPhone 6 and above. That means all the devices with iOS 14 will be compatible to be upgraded to iOS 14.6.

The claimed new features in iOS 14.6 update are as follows –

1. Apple Card Family

One can share the Apple Card with five people of their choice. Anyone above 13 years can have the access to this Card. Apple Card Family is to add support for the users to track down and limit the expenses.

2. Podcasts

The users can subscribe to different channels or individual shows.

3. AirTag and Lost Mode

Users can add an email address instead of a phone number for the AirTag to find their lost device via Find My iPhone.

4. Voice Control

The users now will be able to unlock their iPhone with their voice too.

How To Download iOS 14.6 Update

You might probably get a pop-up showing that an iOS update is due or available. To update your iOS you need to follow these steps –

Go to Settings > General > Software update.

Public Reactions On iOS 14.6 Update

Some iPhone users have reported that they have noticed a severe battery drain after this iOS update. Though Apple has not acknowledged this fact but the users have reported some good sides of the updates too. Like faster WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth functionality, stable GPS and apps’ performance over the cellular data, etc.

This iOS 14.6 update is still due to many users. Some of the users have admired the update and some are being critical. But people are now hoping that it would get settled in a while.