MIUI 12 Camera App Getting G-Cam’s Astrophotography Mode

MIUI 12 Camera App

Hey guys! Welcome back to our website. Today, we will be diving into one of the more trending topics in the circles and that is the MIUI 12 Camera App’s new Astrophotography feature and explain what the buzz is all about!

What is MIUI 12?

But hang on, what exactly is MIUI 12?

Well, it is an operating system (OS) which is being rolled out for all Xiaomi devices, and this new OS is supposed to offer features and customizations like never before, including but not limited to: “Super Wallpapers”, a new dark mode (labelled as 2.0), changes in system animations, AI assistant among some major ones.

MIUI 12 Camera App: Astrophotography Mode

Among the many exciting changes being offered, is the new Astrophotography Mode. It made its debut this past year with Pixel 4. So, what’s special about the Xiaomi default MIUI 12 Camera App? And more specifically the Astrophotography Mode?

Well, the MIUI 12 Camera App allows the users to capture pictures like clouds in motion, rivers or water flowing, bursting firecrackers, objects in motion (including people or the car trails). Such a strong camera sounds too good to be true in reality. But that’s just how it is! FYI, this was made possible due to automated slower shutter speed.

Imagine sitting under a beautiful night sky, wanting to capture the twinkling stars. This will be now possible with the new MIUI 12 Camera App.

For a better understanding of the new features, tips will be provided by the app to make the users comfortable with them.


In conclusion, we’d like to re-iterate the MIUI 12 Camera App’s gorgeous new features and how budding photographers can make exciting use of it.

The feature has already been rolled out on Pixel 3 and 3A and upcoming Pixel 4A should be no different as well. The Xiaomi device users rightly have a solid reason to rejoice!

Well, this is it for this article. We’ll be surely back with more such informative articles.