Poco F1 Not Detecting Sim Card? [Know How To Fix]

Poco F1 Not Detecting Sim Card

Guide to fix Poco F1 not detecting sim card

Talking about the mid-segment phones, Poco has made its mark since its inception. It is a fact that lower budget devices do not have much to offer but Poco F1 is outdoing itself in this race. Being a budgetary phone, Poco F1 is coming with a bunch of cool stuff and features that you will not get in other phones in that budget. Without a doubt, Poco F1 is everything you have ever wanted under that budget.

But not everything is Mills and Boons with Poco F1. There have been many instances and complaints from users stating an absurd problem that Poco F1 not detecting Sim card. Yes, the device is not detecting the sim card placed in its respective slots and this is a matter of concern.

So, if you are facing the same problem and are looking for a situation desperately, you have landed at the right place as Fixing Port has the best solution for you. In this article, we will discuss the probable problem and the logical solution to come up with the best fix applicable to your situation. So, without any further due, let’s dive right into our solutions.

Steps to fix Poco F1 not detecting Sim card

Damaged Sim Card or Phone

If your Poco F1 is not detecting Sim card, do this to fix this issue.

  • First, check that your SIM card is very much positioned inside the Sim Card plate on your gadget.
  • Peruse your mobile notification to realize how to put it effectively. It is likewise conceivable that your mobile or SIM card has been harmed, either by falling or getting wet.
  • Provided that this is true, utilize your guarantee to supplant your telephone or supplant the sim. On the off chance that your gadget still not ready to perceive the sim, at that point attempt following stage.

Clearing Partition Cache

Clearing the partition catch is another way to fix your issue on your Poco F1 device. This cache system of the device stores in some information. With the help of these caches, the operation of the device more easily and quickly. Now, sometimes, these caches get outdated and old, which does not match the current functionalities and updates of your device, and hence, it is important to clear outdated caches.

If you do not know how to go about it, do not worry as we have got you the method as well.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now, look for App Manager.
  • After this, click on Clear Data, Clear Cache.

That’s all, this should fix your issue. If it doesn’t, then take a look at the next step.

Get A New Sim Card

In the event that the Poco F1 SIM Card issue continues, it might be on the grounds that your SIM card is out of date. In the first place, attempt your SIM card in another telephone. If still, it doesn’t work you, at that point you need to contact your telephone administrator so they send you another one. Be cautious, you will possibly change numbers assuming this is the case, remember to caution your contacts.

Software Issues

To put it short and easy, there are high chances that your software is backdated and you need to update it. So, go and check if there is a new software update on your device by going to Settings > General settings > About Phone > Software. If there is anything, it will show you the same and you can update your device then.

Hardware Issues

Some models may have an equipment issue, Poco F1 SIM Card issue may be only a result of that. To know whether it’s the situation of your Xiaomi Poco F1, search on the web if Xiaomi Poco F1 clients have a similar issue as you do. Assuming this is the case, go to your mobile supplier and utilize your guarantee to get another one.

In the event that you don’t have the opportunity to do it quickly, there is a simple stunt to fix the unrecognized SIM card issue on your Xiaomi Poco F1: apply pressure on the SIM card. To do as such while utilizing your mobile, place a collapsed bit of paper on the head of your SIM card while embedding it. It will assist you with continuing utilizing your smartphone until you proceed to supplant it.

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