Redmi Soundbar Tipped To Launch In India Very Soon

Redmi Soundbar

Redmi Soundbar is a new soundbar for all budgets. Xiaomi launches the Redmi soundbar for your Smart TV for just under thirty dollars. Although, we must bear in mind that it is a price taken at the change and we still do not know if it will come out globally.

Redmi Soundbar Details

Xiaomi continues to blow up the market with prices so low that they seem ridiculous. The company already had a soundbar for sale called Xiaomi TV Soundbar, for a price of about 60 dollars in stores. Now, it has launched a very similar bar in benefits, but with a much lower price: the Redmi Sound Bar.

The soundbar even offers a bit more power than Xiaomi’s previous soundbar, as the new one has 30W compared to 28W of the previous one. Of course, the impedance is somewhat lower, dropping to 4 ohms compared to Xiaomi’s 6.

It also has more modern connectivity, as we have coaxial S / PDIF, AUX (3.5mm jack), and Bluetooth 5.0 where the older model only has Bluetooth 4.2. Unfortunately, both models share the absence of HDMI ports, so we cannot enjoy the advantages that the ARC connector offers.

The bar is only available in black and that is a better colour for a bar compared to the white of the previous model that was out of tune in front of televisions, which are mostly black.

Final Words

The upper button, if we keep it pressed, turns the bar on or off while with a short press we stop (pause) or continue if we touch (resume). If we press and hold the button to lower the volume, we will silence the bar. We can say that this Redmi Soundbar is a cheap, good, and reliable soundbar.

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