Samsung Deleting Ads That Mocked Apple For Not Including A Charger

Samsung Deleting Ads

According to the rumours, Samsung will be launching Galaxy 21 without a charger. And it has been caught removing an advertisement designed to make fun of Apple for not giving charger in the retail box with iPhone 12. It’s not the first time that Samsung deleting ads after following the same Apple strategies.

Samsung Deleting Ads That Mocked Apple

When Apple has launched the iPhone X without the headphone jack, Samsung posted an ad that was making fun of Apple (the ad referred to the iPhone with only “ten”). Samsung had removed as soon as the company decided to launch the Galaxy Note 10 without the headphone jack.

There is no problem following the same thing that other competitors are doing but mocking them and making fun is not good. Samsung had explained the headphone jack’s removal, and I hope the company is ready to explain the reason for the charger removal. However, Samsung has posted the ads a few months back only.

Well, Samsung can handle this awkwardness better than Apple. Because when Apple planned to remove the charger from iPhone 12, they also changed the charging cable that came with the iPhone. Almost all the iPhone has USB-A brick, but the company released USB-C with iPhone 12. Because of this, every iPhone 12 user has to purchase new charger brick because of the USB-C.

However, Samsung is not changing the cable as it offers USB-C for almost all the phones. It means Samsung users can use their previous year’s charging brick with the new Galaxy 21. But those who don’t change phone every year and has Samsung Galaxy 10 can’t use the charging brick of it. As the Samsung Galaxy 21 had the USB-A charging cable.

Hope Samsung will stop making this kind of ads to prevent the company from hatred.