Shenmue 3 Is Not Coming To Xbox One [Shenmue Update]

Shenmue 3 Is Not Coming To Xbox One

Shenmue 3 publisher Deep Silver had confirmed that Shenmue 3 is not coming to Xbox One.

Shenmue 3 is the latest entry in the beloved game series “Shenmue” coming after a long wait of 18 years. While the game suffered development hell for over a decade and is finally scheduled to be released on Nov 19 for Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows, there is generally no official reason for fans to expect an Xbox One version of the game.

But some users on the ResetEra forum had noted that there is an Xbox One logo in the source code of the game’s official pre-order page and suggested that the game could be coming to that console contradicting the official indication of Shenmue 3 not coming to Xbox One.

Well-known Twitter user “Wario64” also shared this news, fueling the belief that this rumor might be true. But the Publisher Deep Silver quickly squashed it by tweeting “There is no planned version of Shenmue III for Xbox One”. This might not make the prospect of Shenmue 3 not coming to Xbox one certain but it will be so for its initial release.

Deep Silver - Shenmue 3 Is Not Coming To Xbox One

Shenmue 3 Is Not Coming To Xbox One

This lack of the port might be stemming from the indie nature of the game. Although the game raised a huge amount of money that could break Kick starter’s records, that might not be enough for bringing the game to Xbox one.

Shenmue evolves

That being said, the series doesn’t stop with Shenmue 3 itself as the director and producer “Yu Suzuki” had said that Shenmue is always envisioned as multi-part series and Shenmue 3 is just only the beginning of the end. Maybe the massive success of Shenmue 3 brings this and the next games to a wider reach.

Did Shenmue 3 sell well?

Yes, Shenmue 3 sold 17,857 retail copies. It was also the best-selling game in the UK and entered the charts at number 17.

Is Shenmue 3 Coming to Steam?

Yes, it will join Steam’s library maybe in 2 weeks or less.

Where can I buy Shenmue 3?

Shenmue 3 is officially on Playstation. You can download it from there.

Who owns the rights to Shenmue?

Shenmue Part 1 and 2 was developed and published by SEGA and, Suzuki’s company developed its 3 part.