Sphero Indi Is A Tiny Robotic Car That Helps Children Learn Programming

Sphero Indi

Since technology is getting smarter, the kids are also getting smarter. Thereby, Sphero brings a mini-robot known as Sphero indi. The sole purpose after making the robot toy is to assist children especially early learners in STEAM learning, logical learning, problem-solving, and developing critical thinking. The mini robotic car makes your kids learn while having fun.

What is Sphero indi?

The Sphero indi is a color-driven robot car that comes with a mini robot car, some silicon-coated tile, a manual, and some challenge cards. The tiles are embedded with sensors are of distinct colors. Each color tile is programmed to perform a particular task. When the car approaches the tile, the code is been executed.

For example, the green tile makes the car move faster and the yellow makes it slow down. The code to ‘turn left’ executes over the pink tile (90 degrees) while ‘turn right’ is coded over the blue tile. There is a purple/violet color tile to celebrate the victory.

As a result, your kid can build a maze on his own. To make it more valuable, it comes with a challenge card and some missing tiles. Such a task brainstorms your kid’s brain to figure out the best possible way to reach its destination.

Lastly, the company provides Sphero Edu Jr App for its learner. With the help of this app, you can control your indi car’s reactions. You can even reprogram the color tiles for different movements, lights, and sounds.

Price and Availability

You can pre-order it from the official website however, the shipping will start in September 2021 only.

The indi kit is available for individual and class packs. You can buy the individual kit contains the indi robotic car, 20 color-coded tiles, 15 challenge cards for $125 (approx 9140 INR). On the other hand, the class kit contains eight sets of the individual kit cost $1,199 (approx 87,770 INR).

The only difference between the two is that the individual indi charges via a USB port while the Class kit comes with a charging case.

Sphero and opportunities

Sphero is popular for manufacturing education purpose toys for years. It launched its first robot in the year 2011. It offers a variety of things such as Robots, Little Bits, Apps, and tools for learning. What’s more, Sphero also conducts challenges and competitions among countries. It boosts confidence and provides a platform to kids to explore the world alongside learning.

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