Spotify Not Opening On Mac [Know How To Fix This Problem]

Fix Spotify Not Opening On Mac

Spotify is an online music, video, and podcast streaming app through licensing agreements with media companies and record labels along with offering its own exclusive content. It is a Swedish based company that is known for helping to legitimize the freemium model.

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The success of Spotify is due to its collection of sophisticated data which allows it to captivate the moods of a particular moment rather than offering the same tired genres. The app is launched in all the systems, but sometimes Spotify is not opening on Mac.

Even though Spotify has competition with Amazon and Apple music who are giants in the digital world, Spotify is still and growing in the music world.

If you are facing issues with playback or Spotify not opening on Mac or it isn’t working as expected, then here are some steps to resolve this issue.

Steps to fix Spotify Not Opening On Mac

The easiest way is to restart the app and see if it resolves the issue.

If still not working, you can follow the below steps for trying a clean reinstall of the app.

  • Click on the menu bar of Spotify and Click on Quit Spotify.
  • After that open finder, then tap on the Go > Library in the menu bar. You can also hold the Alt key if the library isn’t visible.
  • Open the Caches and delete all the com.spotify.Client folder.
  • Now, click on the back arrow.
  • Open the Application support and remove the Spotify folder.

Once the above procedures are followed and you have successfully uninstalled the Spotify App. Now, just visit the website and reinstall the app.

By following the above troubleshooting steps, the error of Spotify not opening on Mac should get resolved. And you should be able to listen to music based on the mood.

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  1. My son cannot get spotify to open on his Mac. He has tried all the usual solutions, including the above one, but still no luck. When he opens it, the screen is completely black and does not change.Any other suggestions please?

    1. Deleting the prefs may help you. But we recommend you to do a clean reinstall of the Spotify application on your Mac. we hope this will help you. Have a good day.

      1. I have had this problem for 3 months. Have tried your HelpChat – no help whatsoever – tried Apple 3 or 4 times with other issues = still not able to sort, whats next? I pay premium too.! Other issue on web page is that it will now only play 1 song at a time so I have switched Spotify off and have to listen to radio – not good enough!!

  2. If none of the mentioned above works, when you are inside the app go to the top bar where it says Spotify, click on it and the hit the button where it says hardware acceleration, that should restart the app and get hot going as if nothing happened

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