10 Apps To Watch Movies Together With Long Distance Friends

Watch Movies Together With Long Distance

Want to watch movies together with long distance friends? You can obviously watch it with those whom you meet daily, but now you can watch movies with those friends who are at a long distance by road but have a short distance from your heart.

We all make plans for watching the movie together with friends and with great ease we cancel that plan as well. But now you can watch movies with your friends without going to the theatre and that too at the same time.

Here is a list of top apps through which you can watch movies together with long distance friends. If you love cartoons and don’t know where to watch online. Don’t worry! We have written an article on best cartoon streaming websites. So, you can watch cartoon online without any hassle.

Best Apps To Watch Movies Together With Long Distance Friends

1. StreamParty

Stream Party

With StreamParty you can watch videos together on Netflix, Disney+, Prime, and YouTube with people you care about. The videos will be synchronized and you can chat via text or video while you are watching them together. Up to 50 participants can join in public and private StreamPartys. This is a great way to stay in touch in long-distance relationships or to find new buddies.

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2. Syncplay


With Syncplay you can watch movies together with long distance friends, you just need to have a movie on your hard disk and then you are just one step away from watching it with your friends now all you need is to wait till your friends say let’s watch the movie.

Syncplay has an amazing feature which is very useful and rarely seen in other apps that friends can also rewind and pause the movie so you all can feel connected and comfortable.

Syncplay is compatible with almost each and every video player available. You can add videos from VLC player, KM player, Media player classic, etc. So don’t waste time and enjoy watching movies together with your long-distance friends.

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3. Watch2gether


Watching movies or videos together at the same time has become very easy with the help of Watch2gether. There is no need for you to go through all complicated processes of registration and giving your mail and contact number and whatnot.

With Watch2gether you just need to give your nickname and tell your friends about it. Now you can watch all the online videos on YouTube, Vimeo, daily motion or audio from Soundcloud together with your friends.

There are 2 ways of getting into the live streaming videos, the first method is by creating your own nickname and click on ‘create a room’ on bottom of the home page, and invite your friends to join that room and enjoy watching it together or the second method is by joining the room which is already active and you can also join your friends viewing and commenting on videos.

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4. Gaze


If you prefer YouTube over other apps for streaming through videos and you want to watch it at the same time with your long-distance partner than Gaze is a perfect app for you. It is just a two-step process for watching videos together. Firstly you need to create the room and then you have to send the link to your friend and both the parties can enjoy the video by watching it together.

Gaze comes with a bit of limitation. You cannot add more than two parties in the room for watching videos. But if you have to just watch it with anyone of your friends, then it is the best app. It is also useful for long-distance date night with your partner.

In addition to streaming YouTube videos, Gaze also allows you to sync local files. Remember that for this purpose, both parties must have the file you want to view on computers. Fortunately, there are many websites that allow users to upload large files for free. So don’t wait too long switch on Gaze and enjoy watching movies and videos with your long-distance friend in no time.

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5. Rabbit

Rabbit App

We like to share each and every bit of our daily life with our near and dear once. It will be great if you can share not only images but also your Netflix videos, Youtube videos, games, and docs, etc. Rabbit helps you to carry out all these activities without spoofing into your privacy.

Getting started with Rabbit is easy. Just go to the rabbit website and log in. From here, simply access everything you want to sync via the “browser within the browser”.

To invite friends to the Rabbit session, simply submit the room URL. While in the “room”, users must talk in real-time via SMS or video. In addition, Rabbit not only offers users the ability to see the same at the exact time but also allows multiple users to take control with a single mouse click. In addition, Rabbit has the Chrome extension available, which makes the process even easier.

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6. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It allows users to sync Netflix video playback which can be watched on multiple screens or computers. Since it should only be installed on one computer, it is probably one of the easiest to configure.

  • After that, you have to download the extension and lead it to Netflix and start watching a movie or video.
  • Once loading is done then pause the video and click on the red NP button which you will find on top right side of your window. This will generate a link now you can share this link and invite your friends in your room to watch movies together.

Netflix Party in addition to sharing the screen together also allows users to interact with each other with a simple text chat interface.

One of the biggest advantages of using Netflix party is that only 1 member needs to download the extension. All other friends can use the same extension to view movies and videos. One who doesn’t have the Netflix subscription can also join the room. But as Netflix party is a browser extension everyone has to watch it through chrome and have to stick to their PCs.

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7. Sync Video

Sync Video

If watching videos with your friends by maintaining privacy is what you want than Sync video is perfect for you. You can easily watch videos online with your friends by just creating a nickname.

After registration of your nickname, you will get your own room. You can invite your friends and watch videos online. Vimeo and YouTube videos can be added and saved to playlists and can be viewed by your friends in the virtual “room” at any time. You can also create new rooms or a new nickname at any time.

You can invite friends to your “room” at any time by clicking “invite” in the upper right corner of the page. If you wish, you can make your “room” public, although most don’t choose this option for video syncing.

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8. MyCircleTV


MyCircleTV provides a unique feature of free voice chat while watching online videos. This feature is well appreciated by the users and hence makes MyCircleTV the next big thing when it comes to sharing screen.

MyCircleTV allows groups of friends to enjoy hours of free voice calls while watching movies online with friends. Friends can be invited in many ways, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.

Registration on MyCircleTV is not required, but after registration is done you can start watching free online movies with friends. As an added bonus, 5 GB of video can be uploaded to a custom user space in the following video formats: .mp4 (h264, AVC, or MPEG4- PART10 for video and AAC for audio) and .flv.

There are some advantages of having a registered account over an unregistered account that is you will get 5 GB of space to transfer movies to myCloud memory, we will have your own User Profile, and you are featured with Invitation History.

9. Plex VR

Plex VR

Plex VR takes video synchronization to another level. In Plex VR virtual spaces, you can chat with friends and watch movies from one of Plex user’s multimedia libraries. The videos are synchronized so that all users can watch them simultaneously; however, users can independently change the screen size and position according to their preferences.

Instead of simply sharing the screen, Plex VR allows you to share a virtual penthouse, an automotive cinema, or a terribly sterile “void” with friends and loved ones. also, everyone has a cute double-style avatar that represents them uniquely in the room.

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10. CyTube


It is the web application that allows you to share your movie screen. CyTube is the light app that does not use any of your space or data. It just acts an add-on to your movie screen, while you watch them on your browser. Other screens are stayed private to you and no data is shared beyond the movies you are willing to watch together.


With these applications, you can watch movies together with your friends, irrespective of the distance. It must have happened to you that you want to watch your favorite TV serial but you are out of your home.

So, here we are with the list of best apps for streaming TV channels on your mobile and web browser. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite and why.