WhatsApp Clarification On New Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp Clarification On New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp has been facing backlash from the users after updating the privacy policy. According to the news, WhatsApp will be sharing the user data with its parent company, and there is no other way out. You have to accept the privacy policy or else find other messaging applications.

Users are concerned about their privacy, and now they are shifting to more secure applications like Signal or Telegram. This negative feedback of the users forced WhatsApp to address the new privacy policy’s rumours and doubts. But there are numerous alternatives users can use for the same features.

WhatsApp Clarification On New Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp has decided to clear all the misunderstandings of the user about the new WhatsApp privacy policy update and also answered through the official FAQ page. The company said that “There is no effect on the privacy of your messages with family or friends because of the new update”. All your messages are still end-to-end encrypted under the new privacy policy.

All your messages and calls are end to end encrypted, neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can read them. WhatsApp doesn’t keep track of your message or call.

The rumour was in the air that Facebook could access your group chats for personalized advertisement. But WhatsApp has made it clear that all the data and messages of your group chats are also end-to-end-encrypted. Don’t worry about privacy.

Can Facebook access your WhatsApp Contacts and Location?

Are you wondering whether Facebook can see your location through WhatsApp for better marketing? According to WhatsApp, your shared live location is end-to-end encrypted like the messages. So the location is only visible to the receiver and sender.

WhatsApp only accesses the phone numbers from your address book to make the messaging easy and fast. But it doesn’t have all the contacts to Facebook. According to the company, Facebook won’t use your group chats for targeting ads. You can use the seven days disappear message settings for better privacy. This feature was introduced by WhatsApp last year.

Data Sharing Happens under the Business Account

WhatsApp says the updated terms are for more transparency about the user data. It helps you with the business and data related to it. The users’ main concern is – “What kind of data is WhatsApp will be sharing to Facebook?” According to the new privacy policy, Any business can store user messages and later use them for marketing. If any business is hosting a third-party service, the third party can also access the user data. Now, Facebook is trying to fix these loopholes by providing each business with their hosting services.

The Facebook Shop feature is integrated with the WhatsApp Business application and not with a normal WhatsApp account. Facebook might use your shopping activity to provide you a personalized marketing experience.

Moreover, the feature is optional, which means you don’t have to share your details with Facebook while making a business account.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: What’s next?

WhatsApp will only share your data with Facebook when choosing to interact with a shop via the WhatsApp business application. You can select the option of “not to use these features” to keep your business from storing chats, using users’ information for marketing, and sharing it with third parties, and more. Business chats are labeled; you need to protect your data from third parties.

Now, WhatsApp has clarified about the new privacy policy update. Your WhatsApp messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted; but your business account’s chat can be used for advertisement targeting or marketing purposes. What will you do next?

If you have already made up your mind to leave WhatsApp by February 8, then it’s fine. From February 8 the new privacy policy will go under effect as per WhatsApp. You can use its alternative like Telegram or Signal for communication.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has already become an integral part of our lives. Many users have started shifting from WhatsApp to other applications, and some choose to use WhatsApp which will help the WhatsApp business to grow more.