Why ChatGPT Needs Phone Number? [Explained]

Why ChatGPT needs Phone Number

Anybody aware of artificial intelligence knows about ChatGPT. There is no doubt about the fact that this is one of the best forms of artificial intelligence. But have you ever wondered why ChatGPT needs phone number to register to the portal and use it?

If you need clarification like others, we are here to help you! Whenever you access ChatGPT, you will see that the phone number is a prerequisite.

Why ChatGPT Needs Phone Number?

When accessing the portal, you will see that the first step is entering your phone number and email address. It is a two-step verification process, and you must also verify that you are not a robot accessing the portal. Some of the major reasons why we can say that the ChatGPT portal needs you to make use of a phone number are:

Verifies You Are A Human

The first and most important reason ChatGPT uses your phone number is that it verifies that you are a human. A major reason is that the other software may access the ChatGPT software and render it.

Precautionary Measure

ChatGPT is one of the most promising forms of artificial intelligence; hence, it is a great precautionary measure. It will ensure that in case you start to use it, and with the help of the phone number, you can create an account for yourself. The app will also send an OTP, ensuring that the one with the phone number uses the ChatGPT platform.

Verifies your Country

And finally, one of the most important reasons why the ChatGPT portal will use your phone number is that it analyses which country you belong to. Some countries do not allow you to use the ChatGPT portal. If you try to access it from another country, the software will instantly access and block the usage.

Final Words

Many people wonder why ChatGPT needs a phone number, and we hope we have clarified it. You need to authenticate the account with the help of the phone number to be able to use the same as well. Regarding the ChatGPT portal, you need to use your phone number. Only after authentication, you will be able to use this form of artificial intelligence.