Why Mac Is Faster Than Windows? – [Detailed Information]

Why Mac Is Faster Than Windows

When you plan to buy a computer for yourself, you always will find yourself stuck between these two options – Windows or Mac? As the question begins in your mind, we are here to answer it for you. It is a known fact that Mac is faster than Windows. But we still wonder, what is the reason?

The reason behind this difference lies in this article. The problem is totally conceptional. This biased attitude has led to this debate and hence, we are here to give you some clarity on the same.

There is a slight difference we need to understand here. Pricing of a product and its hardware configuration are tow different things. Here, let us allow you to state two case examples.

Reasons Why Mac Is Faster Than Windows

Case 1

If you purchase a Mac and a Windows PC for the same price, the Windows PC will be faster. It is a fact that Apple products have higher pricing for a particular product which gives you the same performance. The brand value speaks for itself and this has nothing to do with Windows.

Case 2

If you purchase a Mac and a Windows PC with the same hardware configurations, the Mac is predominantly going to do better. This is because of a specific reason. The Operating System used for Mac’s has been exactly, created, engineered, and optimized for that specific hardware design. On the contrary, Windows incorporates multiple combinations in its hardware which in turn, makes it slower.

We have sum it up, based on performance, we’d say the order would be as follows:

  • Windows PC with Same hardware as Mac – Slow Performance & Cheaper
  • Windows PC with Lower hardware than Mac – Slow Performance & Cheaper
  • Windows PC with absolutely same Performance – Better hardware & Cheaper
  • Windows PC priced same as Mac – Great performance & better hardware


So, the verdict is loud and clear. This is just a matter of choice and the truth behind whether Mac is faster than Windows is right in front of you. Both the devices are good in their own ways and you get a better device for a higher price you pay. It’s just a matter of personal choices for people to make and hence, has nothing to do with the devices in its singularity.

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Do Macs need Antivirus?

Yes, Mac computers need an Antivirus because it protects Macs from malware just like Windows.

Why are Macs so expensive?

It’s because Apple doesn’t offer a low-end product to its users. Apple produces high-end PCs with good features. That’s why, Macs are expensive.

Why are Macs so bad at gaming?

Because they focus more on software optimization rather than gaming.