Why Paytm Postpaid Is On Hold? [Complete Information]

Why Paytm Postpaid Is On Hold

Paytm postpaid is an interest-free loan service provided by Paytm to selected users as it is still in beta mode.

Paytm postpaid service is only allotted to those users who match particular criteria set by Paytm on various aspects like customer loyalty, KYC, monthly expenditure, and much more.

For a few days, many users are facing issues and are unable to use the Paytm postpaid wallet. Most users are encountering an error message stating, “Your account is on Hold…… Why?”

In this article, we’ll see what are the possible reasons that may have to lead your Paytm postpaid account to hold.

Why Paytm postpaid account is on Hold?

Economist Abhijit Mishra has filed a PIL against Paytm payments Bank in Delhi High Court. Paytm postpaid service is accused of violating RBI’s guidelines. So until the dispute gets resolved, the Paytm postpaid service is likely to be kept on hold.

Some users on the internet claim that not all accounts are on hold. Users with full KYC are using postpaid service with no issue. Users who have availed mini KYC are facing hold error messages, they said.

There is a very good chance that you haven’t paid the previously borrowed money yet. So the company has forcefully put your Paytm postpaid account on hold. You might have forgotten the last date of loan payment or for any other reason if you haven’t paid the previous loan yet, could be a reason for your account on hold.

There is a buzz that some users are seeing a pop-up message on their Paytm postpaid account stating, “Update coming soon Paytm postpaid is going to get bigger and better! Till then your account will be temporarily on hold. You will be among the select few to get upgraded first. I hope you like it!”

Wrapping Up

If the rumor about the update is true, then everyone will be definitely excited to see how and what Paytm has improved.

Do you use a Paytm postpaid service?

What do you expect from the Paytm incoming update?

Let us know your view in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for updates.

Does Paytm Postpaid affect credit score?

Yes, if you failed to pay the Paytm Postpaid bill, it will impact your credit score negatively.

What is the fuel wallet in Paytm?

The fuel wallet is a new offer introduced by Paytm, you will get cashback from selected fuel pumps if you go there and purchase petrol or diesel.

What happens when the Paytm Postpaid bill is not paid?

If you are not paying the Paytm Postpaid bill, you will get fined with late charges.