Apple Launches ‘AirPods Max’ Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones

AirPods Max

By putting a full stop to rumours, Apple has finally launched its hardware product of 2020 – AirPods Max. It’s the first-ever over-ear headphones by Apple. The AirPods of Apple is already the most beloved gadget in the market. With the new AirPods Max, the brand wants to provide a breakthrough hearing experience to the customers.

The over earphones are available with an active noise cancellation system, Spatial Audio, and many more. The price of the AirPods is high compared to the other branded noise cancellation headphones; already available in the market.

AirPods Max Specifications

Here’s the specifications of the AirPods Max.


The design of the AirPods Max is quite similar to the CAD renders. This headphone has stainless steel headband along with a breathable knit mesh canopy. The mesh design will reduce the pressure on the user’s head, and it will make the headphone comfortable for various head shapes and sizes.

The earcups have premium quality and a matte shine finish. The memory foam ear cushions make the headphones comfortable. According to Apple, the AirPods Max is the new face of the company. The headphone offers volume control and the ability to skip tracks, answer calls, and activate Siri.

Sound Quality

Each earcup housing has an Apple-designed 40mm driver with a custom acoustic design. The headphone has an H1 chip of the company in each ear cup. This 10-core chip has an efficiency of performing 9 billion operations per second; and also offers a tremendous audio breakthrough.

The H1 chip allows numerous features in this ANC headphone. AirPods Max computes Transparency mode, spatial audio, Adaptive EQ, and audio sharing. If you are already an AirPod user, you may know about all these features, or else you can check on the internet.

Apple says that, with AirPods Max, they are bringing the stunning over-ear design experience with high-fidelity audio. The H1 chips and advanced software ability of this headphone provide a great listening experience.

The company is providing each ear cup with three outward-facing microphones and one microphone inside. The former detects the environmental noise. And after combining all the data, it adapts the ANC base and cancels all the noise.

Life of Battery

The battery life of the headphone is up to 20 hours. By disabling the ANC and spatial audio, you can extract more battery hours. You can charge your headphone using the exclusive lightning port.

Price and Availability of AirPods Max in India

The price of this headphone in India is 59,900 INR and $549 in the US. The headphone is available for pre-order. The sale of this headphone will start on Dec 15. The headphones will be available in multiple colors like space grey, silver, sky blue, pink, and more.

This headphone will give tough competition to the popular noise cancellation headphones like Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000 XM4.

Users are excited to see what makes the AirPods Max so expensive. For music lovers and apple users, it can be a beautiful gift by the company.