Apple M2 Details: What To Expect From Apple’s Next Mac Chip

Apple M1 chip is out in the market, and as the company already got shift to the custom silicon for MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple is currently working on the successor of the M1 chip – the Apple M2. It’s supposed to be the next generation of M series chipset for the Mac range, which will offer multiple options to the users.

Apple M2 Chip

The tale of Intel and Apple’s separation is still on hold as Apple is planning to transform all its Mac line-up to the custom silicon in the upcoming years. With Intel, Apple offered all its models with i3, i5, and up to i9 chips. The company is already prepared to tailor the chip to the three different models.

Currently, the M1 chip in the MacBook Air model comes with seven GPU cores and not with eight. Now, the M1 on the MacBook Pro with all GPU cores is enabled, making it more powerful. Now, users can expect that the M2 runs alongside the M1, instead of succeeding it in the entire line-up. Overall, both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro work with the two different processors, and then the whole line-up is offering M1 as an entry-level chip with the M2 chip offering high performance.

As far as the reports, the chip will be designed on the current structure that is 5mm. The new chip will increase the performance of the system. Even Apple is planning to increase the number of cores in the system. According to sources, Apple M2 specifications of the GPU may go as high as 128 cores. The company is already testing the chips with 16 and 32 cores.

Apple M2 Release Date

Cupertino is keeping mum for a long time on the release date of Apple M2 and its specifications. As the company uses silicon on its Mac Mini and MacBook’s, it will surely use it in the bigger Macs. There is no confirmed date for the release of Apple M2. As, the MacBook Pro and iMac, the company may upgrade its processor at the beginning of 2021.

Mini-LED For MacBook and A Smaller Mac Pro

According to reports, with the M2 chip, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro will launch next year. If the news is accurate, the world will experience the more powerful iMac and Mac Pro running the intel processor; bigger and faster.

Apple finally took a step forward to update the MacBook Air, just like its big brother MacBook Pro.

According to some rumours, in 2021 MacBook Pro will have a ‘mini-LED display that will provide you bright and a darker dim display. The new upgrade will come in MacBook Pro in 2021 and then in MacBook Air in 2022.

Even the reports claim that Apple will also launch a few chargers in 2021. It’s not a piece of real news though, but yes, users can expect a small charger with MacBook in 2021.


Apple engineers are continuously working on designing the best and compact chip for the MacBook and Mac Pro.

Apple never fails to amaze the world with its advanced and innovative features. The brand is planning to make a few big decisions to make its products more advanced and powerful.

You can expect a faster and more powerful version of M1 redesigned for MacBook models, supporting more CPU and GPU cores to enhance the performance, to compute Graphics and gaming related tasks.

To know more about the launch of a new version of Apple products, stay tuned.

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