Apple Pencil Not Connecting To iPad? [How To Fix]

Apple Pencil Not Connecting To iPad

The Apple pencil not connecting to iPad Pro has always been a turn off to tech lovers. Everyone loves smooth sailing connectivity and overall device experience but any complications just spoil the fun and add a black dot to this experience. So, If you have been going through this problem too then don’t worry as Fixing Port has got some fixes you could apply.

Apple Pencil Not Connecting To iPad – Fix

Below mentioned are the steps you could follow to fix your problem, Keep reading to find the best fix for your situation.

Is your Apple pencil working?

The first thing to figure out before jumping into any conclusion is to ascertain whether your pencil is working in the first place. Sometimes, the pairing conditions between your iPad Pro and your Apple pencil just doesn’t work out the way you would like it to.

If you try to connect your Apple pencil to your iPad Pro and it restarts, then you might need to check your pencil right away because that is not supposed to happen. Also, if you use Apple products a lot you must be knowing, Apple has an issue with its battery power and so does the pencil. So, there are high chances that your pencil might have run out of battery. Charge it up and try again later.

What’s your battery status?

As we already mentioned above, there are high chances that your Apple pencil might have run out of battery. So, if previously your pencil has been paired to your iPad Pro, what you can do is check its battery status from the notification viewer. This can be done if your Apple pencil not connecting to iPad Pro.

Now here, by any chance if your pencil is not visible in the notification bar, it may mean two things – First, there are high chances that your pencil ran out of battery and hence, has shut down. Second, you might need to pair your pencil again as it might have got disconnected due to some network disturbances.

Did you power up?

Now, if your pencil is not showing on your notification panel after every remedy, try connecting the same to your iPad Pro or alternatively, you can use the thunderbolt charger by Apple to charge your pencil. This charge your pencil in just 10 minutes, isn’t that great?

After you have successfully charged your pencil, you may now initiate establishing a paired network connection with your iPad Pro once again. If your pencil starts working, you just fixed the issue. However, if the problem still persists, keep reading as the next solution might help you.

Did you try rebooting your iPad Pro?

We hope you know how to reboot your device…. And even if you don’t, worry not, we will guide you. You need to start by long-pressing your power button. When you do so, you will get an option to Reboot your device. Click on that.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try hard resetting your iPad Pro. How? –  Long press your sleep/wake and home button together for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. This should work out for you failing which, read the next given tip below.

Try getting the tip checked?

As the tip of the Apple Pencil is very sensitive, it often tends to wear out. If it fails to work after repeated trials, you might just need to replace your pencil for that matter. In order to replace it, you might need to unscrew your pencil slowly in an anticlockwise direction.

There are a few things you need to check – Does your pencil need to be tightened up? Does it need to be replaced? If you need to replace it, do not worry as it will not burn a hole down your pocket as Apple offers 4 replacements just for $19. However, you need to careful about the metal nib placed beneath the tip. If that gets damaged, your pencil is as good as obsolete.

Check the pairing – Is something wrong?

Is your pencil paired properly in the first place? Your Apple pencil is paired with your iPad Pro with the help of Bluetooth. To check if your device is connected to your iPad in the first place, follow the steps shown below:

Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices

This should typically solve your problem. If your device doesn’t show up, charge it up and then follow the forget device method and then reconnect.

How long does it take to charge a dead Apple pencil?

A 0% charged Apple pencil takes around 15 to 30 minutes for a complete charge.

Do I have to connect Apple pencil every time?

No, you have to pair it with your iPad only one time.

Is the iPad 9.7 compatible with the Apple pencil?

Yes, you can use Apple Pencil with iPad 9.7