How To Apply For Paytm First Credit Card? [Guide]

How to Apply For Paytm First Credit Card

Paytm is RBI approved e-platform through which monetary transactions can be conducted between the consumer and the merchant or between consumer to consumer through e-wallet.

What is Paytm First card?

Paytm has introduced a new feature Paytm first card, which is a credit card, and only Paytm consumers can apply for Paytm first credit card. Paytm has rolled out this feature in association with Citibank.

How to Apply For Paytm First Credit Card?

The Paytm first card application feature has been opened only for selected customers currently; and is available on the latest version of the Paytm app. Paytm First Card icon or find the Paytm First card option in the menu to begin the application for Paytm First card.

After selecting the option, fill all the required details correctly, and submit the form. Once the application is received, a Citibank representative will contact you to complete the KYC procedure. Once the application is approved, the Paytm First card will be mailed to your communication address with the welcome letter.

For Paytm consumers, the Paytm first comes in a preactivated state and you can immediately do online transactions. Still, for an offline transaction, the consumer will require to set up a PIN.

Steps to activate my Paytm First card

  • Visit the website
  • Select your account type as “credit card” and enter the Paytm first Card number, CVV, and birth date.
  • On your mobile number, OTP will be sent.
  • Once your OTP number is entered, you will be requested to create a user id, password, and pin of your own choice.

Since this card is an association with Citibank, this card is added to your profile automatically. You need to login into your Citi account and follow the below steps:

  • Search for the Credit card section and select “PIN related” followed by ‘Generate Credit Card PIN’.
  • Select the Paytm first card and enter the CVV number.
  • On your mobile number, OTP will be sent, enter the OTP number, and set up PIN of your choice.

By following the above-mentioned procedure, you can apply for Paytm first credit card and activate the card for your ready usage.

Which is the best credit card in India?

HDFC credit card is best among other credit cards.

How can I apply for Paytm first credit card?

To apply for a Paytm Credit card, open the Paytm application, then tap on the Paytm Credit card, then fill the Application form of the credit card and Submit it.

Can we take a loan on Paytm?

Yes, you can easily take a loan on Paytm.