11 Best AM4 CPU Coolers [Updated List For This Year]

Best AM4 CPU Coolers

No one likes noise while working on the PC. It’s quite challenging to find a quiet and efficient AM4 CPU cooler for your system. After using a suitable AM4 cooler, you will see the change in temperature, noise, and performance of the CPU and PC. After doing a lot of research, we have found out the Best AM4 CPU Coolers for you.

List of Best AM4 CPU Coolers

Here’s the list of best AM4 CPU coolers.

1. Noctua NH-D15 SE CPU Cooler (Recommended)

Noctua NH-D15 SE CPU Cooler

To keep your system heat-free, this is one of the best AM4 CPU coolers. The cooler has two 140mm fans that have AAO standards along with an aerodynamic design. It improves the functioning of your CPU during multi-tasking.

The TIM solution NT-H1 make sure about thermal resistance. This CPU cooler is the ideal choice for I9 9900K. Besides this, it’s quiet and easy to install.


  • This CPU cooler has an oversized heatsink.
  • Overcomes the disturbing noises.
  • The brand provides six years of quality support.
  • You can easily install it.
  • This cooler enhances the working of your system.


  • This cooler is slightly heavy.

2. AMD Wraith Spire Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

AMD Wraith Spire Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

AMD wraith comes with four-pin power connectors for easy installation and safety. It’s the ideal choice for an AM4 socket.

This cooler has an aluminum and copper core-based heat sink, which resists rust for a long time. Also, it has a pre-applied thermal paste. It helps you to fit the fan perfectly. It also enhances the performance of the CPU and system.

Overall, it’s the best cooler in this range with four pin power connectors.


  • This cooler comes with a multi-colored LED, which can be adjusted manually.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It works perfectly to cool down your system.
  • It improves the PC’s functioning even while multitasking.


  • Makes a whisper sound while working.



It’s the ideal fan for AM4 sockets as it reduces thermal effects. There is no trouble of burn. 

This CPU cooler is highly compatible with Intel 130W LGA1366, LGA115X, LGA20XX, and LGA775 sockets. It’s also suitable for sockets- 125W FM2+, FM2, and FM1.

As it comes with four sintered powder heat pipes, the user can touch the CPU with a bare hand without worrying about electric shock.

You can achieve high static pressure and large airflow. Overall, if you want an excellent performing PWM fan with LED lighting, go for the DEEPCOOL fan.


  • Easy to install.
  • It has a blue LED lighting.
  • It can bear with idle and high temperatures.
  • This cooler can support 1366,1155, 1150, and 1156 sockets.


  • Mounting clips are fragile.

4. Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 CPU Cooler

This cooler fan is the most appropriate choice for low budget cooler and high compatibility with the AM4 socket. It has a compact and sleek design.

This cooler has a compact footprint for 100% RAM and PCIe compatibility on the motherboard. It also helps your PC to get the closest socket connector.

Your CPU will find better clearance with a 23mm slim heat sink. It makes sure that you are using HTPCs small factor to reduce burn damages.

This cooler also fit with tall memory modules. Hence, if you are looking for quiet and automatic speed control, try this cooler.


  • It has great quality and lasts for a long time.
  • This cooler is small in size.
  • Affordable price.
  • It’s the excellent pick for a mini-ITX HTPC Ryzen 3 build.
  • With the help of this cooler, your system can find more clearance.


  • Give few airflows only under regular operation.

5. Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 CPU Cooler (Recommended)

Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 CPU Cooler

You will hear no sound while working on a system with this AM4 socket CPU.

This brand is giving six years of warranty assurance to their buyers. This cooler comes with fan clips and anti-vibration pads, which make the installation easy. Install the cooler in standard orientation or at a 90° angle.

Indeed, it can be an excellent pick for all the systems.


  • It’s hard to beat the quality of this cooler.
  • This cooler comes with a simple instruction guide.
  • Provide ample airflow to the CPU to avoid heat.
  • It doesn’t make noise while loading big files on the system.
  • Great pick at a given price.


  • It’s quite challenging to install this CPU cooler.

6. Cooler Master Hyper RR-T4-18PK-R1 CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper RR-T4-18PK-R1 CPU Cooler

This Hyper RR cooler has a universal mounting style for easy installation. This cooler is the right choice for excellent handling.

The four different contact heat pipes make contact between cooler and CPU seamless. It reduces the heat effect during the use of the system for long hours.

As it has 70 CFM airflow, you will never face overheating and clogging problems. This airflow provides the maximum flow to reduce the heat.

It works silently under heavy loads. Hence, this cooler is the best affordable and mainstream heatsink.


  • This CPU cooler comes with thermal paste.
  • It helps the CPU to reduce heat damages.
  • It makes no sound while operating.
  • The best choice to replace your stock coolers.
  • Best choice for a given value.


  • You may find it difficult to understand it’s guidebook.

7. AMD Wraith Prism LED RGB Cooler (Recommended)

AMD Wraith Prism LED RGB Cooler

This AMD Prism is the best choice for software controllable RGB lighting included options. It has multiple shades that work great with AM4 sockets.

The cooler’s four direct contact heat pipes are made of a copper base from the outside and aluminum from the inside. You will not face a rusting or oxidizing problem because of the material.

This cooler works excellent with AM2, AM3, and AM3+ sockets. Besides this, it also has an overload switchable fan profile.

Overall, it’s a great pick for anyone who likes to install and replace frequently.


  • Best choice for gamers.
  • This CPU cooler comes along with an excellent instruction guide.
  • Easy to install.
  • You can adjust the lighting setup according to your need.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some people find the RGB USB cord quite problematic.

8. AMD Wraith Stealth Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

AMD Wraith Stealth Socket AM4 CPU Cooler

AMD Stealth is the ideal choice for gamers. This cooler has excellent efficiency, helping your PC to work for long hours with no heating effect.

It makes no noise. This cooler can be a great option if you want a reliable and efficient cooler fan for your CPU. It can work under variable temperatures.


  • When the PC is working, it doesn’t make any noise.
  • Best choice for regular users.
  • This CPU cooler is a good option for all the systems.
  • Easy to install.
  • Works great to reduce the overheating of the system.


  • It’s not suitable for overclocking potential.

9. ARCTIC Freezer 34 Tower CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Freezer 34 Tower CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Freezer is the best CPU liquid cooler with a sleek and travel-friendly design. It has a low weight, which works excellent for AM4 sockets.

It’s a liquid cooling type of cooler that looks good on the motherboard. You don’t need any professional help to install it because of its instruction guide.

It enhances the overclocking potential and it’s the best pick for the large heat sink.


  • This cooler comes with different tools for easy installation.
  • It’s ideal for overclocking.
  • This cooler has excellent value and quality.
  • It comes with extra brackets so that you can mount a second fan over it.
  • It comes with thermal paste.


  • For some users, it’s not a good option.

10. Scythe Ninja 5 Air CPU Cooler

Scythe Ninja 5 Air CPU Cooler

The Scythe Ninja is the best option to find out the 80 RPM speed without negotiating with performance.

This cooler is an air cooler type that provides better control. You will not face any trouble while working on the system. It also has a 55mm fin stack for better clearance of RAM.

It works wonders with 9900k high TDP processors.


  • Easy to install with the help of the instruction guide.
  • It has a fan splitter option.
  • Comes in the right colour.
  • This cooler is quiet and large.
  • It also has a long antistraight quality screwdriver.


  • You need two fan cable routes to insert this fan.

11. Cryorig R1 Ultimate Dual Tower Heatsink Cooler

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Dual Tower Heatsink Cooler

This cooler is considered the best choice for speed up without any obstacles. It comes with direct compress soldering, which is 10% more than traditional soldering.

Also, it has a jet fin acceleration system that reduces airflow and enhances the exhaust airspeed.

If you have AMD or Intel CPU, you should give this cooler a chance to cool your system.


  • An excellent pick for Intel i7 7700k.
  • This cooler has a high working efficiency.
  • This CPU cooler is a great choice to cool down the processor.
  • Sleek design and has the right colour. 


  • It’s quite expensive.


Finding gear and components to save your CPU and other parts from heat is not an option. It’s a necessity. And to find the most appropriate cooler, you need a lot of information.

Check out all the AM4 CPU coolers to find the best AM4 CPU cooler for your CPU and system. No one wants to invest their money in the wrong place.

Which is the best AMD CPU cooler?

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is the best AMD CPU cooler.

Is liquid cooling worth it?

Liquid cooling gives an excellent output when it comes to cool down the system and it’s worth it.

What is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 3900x?

NZXT Kraken Z63 is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 3900x.