11 Best Photo Vault Apps For iPhone And iPad [Updated List]

Best Photo Vault Apps For iPhone

I think it’s better to keep some private pictures and videos hidden, or else it can bring a storm into your life. Moreover, some people don’t like the interference of others in their personal life. Finally, iOS 14 is offering features to hide your albums. But according to a few users; it is not convincing as anyone can bump into it. Don’t worry; here’s the list of Best Photo Vault Apps For iPhone to keep your secrets hidden.

List of Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone & iPad

You must be thinking about how these vault applications help you hide your private photos and videos in your iOS system?

You can create multiple folders to keep your photos organized. By using a fingerprint, PIN, or passcode, you can keep all your photo albums confidential.

Besides this, the iPhone photo vaults provide you break-in-alerts. You get an instant report of the intruder and can hunt down the culprit.

Let’s find out what features they are offering under their Vault Photo applications.

1. Secret Photo Vault – Keep Safe

Secret Photo Vault- Keep Safe

If you are looking for the best photo vault Apps for iPhone, try Secret Photo Vault: Keep safe. It offers military-grade encryption to your data. That means you can blindly trust this app with your memories.

It has an intuitive interface. You can arrange all your photos according to your requirement. Besides this, you can share your images secretly and keeps them secure.

By using Keep safe’s private cloud, you can save up to 10,000 files. It automatically reduces the size of photos and transfers original images to the cloud. You can even recover your deleted photos.

Overall, keep safe is the best vault application for your iPhone. You can install the app free of cost from the App Store.

2. Secret Album – Photo Lock Vault

Secret Album- Photo Lock Vault

To protect your photos from intruders, this application offers you both PIN code and Face/Touch protection. Even it allows you to fake your PIN to hide your data from unsolicited access.

The Photo Lock Vault alerts you if someone is intruding into your album. If someone is trying to login using the wrong PIN after three trial failures, it will lock the screen.

You get an in-built camera in this app, where you can take pictures and shoot videos secretly. You can customize the theme and colour of your albums. Install the application free of cost.

3. PrivacyVault – Keep Secret

Privacy Vault

Privacy Vault is a reliable and straightforward application that offers adequate security to keep your photos safe. You can use Face ID or Fingerprint lock to provide maximum safety to your hidden pictures. Moreover, you can create several albums to organize your images.

By using the alarm, it keeps you updated about the intruders. Even you can directly capture images and videos without worrying about their safety.

Overall, it’s the best application to alert you about the privacy invader; and keep your private memories safe. You can install the app for free. If you want to use all the features, it may cost you around $8.99 or 661 INR.

4. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault- Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault keeps you safe from all unwanted access. Firstly, it offers protection through a password. Secondly, it gives you a report (Photo+GPS) of the intruder to find who is sneaking into your personal space.

You can create different albums, export/import pictures safely. Also, it has a slideshow feature that provides you a preview of all your hidden photos.

The best feature of this application is that it offers you an in-built web browser, where you can download and search privately.

You can install it for free. To use all the features, you have to pay $4.99 or 367.34 INR.

5. Hide Photos Video – Hide It Pro

Hide Photos Video- Hide It Pro

If you like to keep your theme and customization, give a try to Hide It Pro. You can create multiple videos and photos in this Vault application to control everything. You can rename and change the thumbnails of the albums.

By using USB export, you can effortlessly transfer the files to the computer system. The escape unlock code features makes the application empty.

You can install the application for free. But you need to spend a few bucks to use some features.

6. Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album

Safe Lock- Secret Photo Album

Safe Lock is a vault application that hides your photos and videos and also provides security to the documents to fill the void with ease.

The safe lock provides various security methods like Face ID, fingerprint, alphabetic, and passcode.

Advanced features like slideshow viewing, anti-theft break in details, Wi-Fi file transfer, and the secret camera makes this app unique.

This application offers various storage support like Google Drive, DropBox, and many more cloud services. So, you can transfer your files quickly to the cloud platforms. Also, you can customize the theme, colour, and icons of albums.

You can easily install Safe Lock from the App Store. To get the pro version, you need to pay $1.99/146.53INR per month for its subscription.

7. Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

This application supports various format files like png, jpg, gif, tiff, pdf, and many more. You can easily manage your photos, videos, and documents using this application.

You can download and navigate the files using the secret browser. Also, it’s easy to create different albums with this application.

To get the pro version, you need to spend $4.99 or 367 INR.

8. Photo Vault – UnderLock

Photo Vault- UnderLock

UnderLock offers you private cloud storage to keep all the images and photos secure. Moreover, you can use a personal browser to search and download the images.

It also works as a password manager. You can manage various passwords using this application. This application’s best feature is that you can save personal contacts and call them from the application directly.

This application is free for limited usage. You need to spend $9.99 (736 INR)/month to unlock all the advanced features.

9. Vault- Hide Photos & Videos

Vault- Hide Photos & Videos

This application may not offer advanced features, but it’s the best application to protect your images and videos. You can manage all the imported photos in Apple pie order.

Vault offers you the instant encryption of imported files to keep them safe. You can enjoy the private cloud and web browsing services by using Vault.

It also has a tremendous break-in-alert feature to keep you aware of the intruders. Install it for free. For VIM, spend $3.99/ month or 294 INR/month.

10. Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

This application has a secure gallery where you can save all your private photos and images. But the name and outlook of this application is like a calculator.

Also, you can safeguard your notes using this application.

Moreover, you can save your recordings and conversations using this Calculator type application. Dropbox takes care of all your files and recordings and easy to access.

You can easily install the application. To get its premium features, you need to spend some bucks like $3.99/294INR.

11. HiddenVault App

HiddenVault App Download

If you are looking for that perfect “secret safe” to lock your photos and videos in your iPhone, then you must download HiddenVault. HiddenVault lets you safely store unlimited photos and videos. With an excellent military-grade encryption system, this app allows you to hide your photos behind a PIN passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.

The one great feature about HiddenVault that makes it stand out from the crowd is the complete control of private data. All your photos and videos will be stored safely in the built-in Apple folders of your phone. The developer won’t have any access to them. Having everything stored in your apple folders also eliminates the risk of hackers. You can download HiddenVault App from here.


Hence, these were the best Photo Vault Apps For iPhone. After reading this article, I hope you have found the most compatible vault app to secure your photos and videos.

The advanced feature of the apps like password protection, cloud storage, web browser, and the secret camera will make it easier to hide your private moments.

Which is the best free photo vault application?

Keepsafe is the best free photo vault application.

Can I recover deleted photos from photo vault on iPhone?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos by using FoneGeek iPhone data recovery.

Which is the most secure photo storage app?

Google Photos is the most secure photo storage application.