10 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best BeautyPlus Alternatives

Here’s the list of Best BeautyPlus Alternatives

BeautyPlus offered its users a bunch of exciting features. Right from a library of more than 1000’s of stickers, filters, and effects to choose from, BeautyPlus was the go-to app for many users. Now, after the suspension of the App by the Indian Government, many of you must be looking for an alternative which is as good as BeautyPlus.

Fixing Port has brought about the best BeautyPlus alternatives for you to choose from, which is better or on par with BeautyPlus in terms of its features, user interface, updates, and an excellent augmented reality face recognition model. The Apps are available on both iOS & Android. So, without any delay, let’s get started!

List of Best BeautyPlus Alternatives

1. Snapchat

Speaking for itself, Snapchat is the favourite App for many teenagers and content creators out there. Right from 1000’s of lenses and filters to choose from, the App being absolutely free offers more than you can ask for.

Snapchat uses the Augmented Reality face recognition model which helps users to have a great experience daily. The filters seem real and blend in perfectly with the users face in turn, giving out some funny, cute, and attractive photographic outcomes. Not only does the App offer continuous updates but also allows users to customize and make their own lenses. Apart from this, Snapchat uses the highest resolution of your camera and is no doubted the best BeautyPlus alternative you can get your hands on.

Download Snapchat for iOS & Android now!

2. PicsArt

If you are looking for a loaded BeautyPlus alternative then PicsArt is a lovely option for you. Right from high-end editing tools, filters, gradients, and masking abilities, the App also sports an inbuilt camera that allows its users to take some amazing filtered images just as BeautyPlus did.

With millions of downloads on both iOS & Android, PicsArt should be the first option you should consider. Although the user interface has been built for people who a through with the subject matter of photography and editing, amateurs might find it a bit difficult to adjust to the interface. The App contains In-App Purchases but has a wide variety of options to offer even in its free version.

Download PicsArt for iOS & Android now!

3. AirBrush

Sporting some awesome and different features, Airbrush is different from the lot, talking about its abilities, the App offers auto makeup options, face tuning and even minute face detailing which can help users transform their selfies to something that looks professional. Apart from flaunting a great in-built camera, AirBrush has plenty of stuff for its users to explore. With constant updates and patch work, the App serves as one of the best BeautyPlus alternatives you are looking for.

Download Airbrush for iOS & Android now!

4. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best selfie cameras available in the market right now. It has been there for quite some time now and never disappoints its users. With more than millions of downloads, the App has a smooth and easy to use interface along with a bunch of exciting features and filters. So, if this is something that interests you, then YouCam Perfect is the best BeautyPlus alternative in the country.

Download YouCam Perfect for iOS & Android now!

5. B612

Developed by the makers of the Snow App, B612 is one of the Apps that had gained immense popularity during its launch. Everyone knew and used B612 in their phones to click their perfect selfies with exciting and new filters.

Furthermore, the App works on a face recognition model that allows it to detect your face and apply filters that look pretty convincing, real, and most importantly, picture-perfect. Talking about numbers, the App has more than 1500 filters and stickers to offer its users. So, without any doubt, B612 is the best BeautyPlus alternative you should consider.

Download B612 for iOS & Android now!

6. Candy Camera

Quite popular in the selfie world, Candy Camera is every girl’s favorite App. Developed by J.P brothers, who are based out of Korea, Candy Camera is here to stay. Offering a wide range of lenses, filters, and effects, the App is a good jump to make from BeautyPlus. Furthermore, the App also offers various makeup tools and face tuning features that make the user experience even more exciting and explorative in nature. So, if you are not a pro at makeup and still wish to pull the look off, Candy Camera has just the right stuff for you.

Download Candy Camera for iOS & Android now

7. Snow

Just like BeautyPlus, Snow cam is equally good at delivering what it promises, amazing selfies. The App utilizes Augmented Reality and AI Face recognition models that helps users use real looking lenses and create great photographs through artificial simulations. The developer has done a great job with this App and parades a large number of stickers and filters for its users to use and explore.

Download Snow for iOS & Android now!

8. Retrica

Retrica is one of the best BeautyPlus alternatives that you can consider for BeautyPlus. The App allows you to take some staggering images within second and also, does on pixelate in its quality. The App allows users to share the images created directly to social media platforms.

Retrica gained immense popularity because of its Retro styled photographs. It offers various vintage, polaroid, and Black & White filters which give your picture a vintage look, something close to the era of 70s and 80s. The App was developed in South Korea and hence is absolutely safe and secure.

Download Retrica for iOS & Android now!

9. Facetune 2

The main highlight of Facetune2 is its makeup editor. Based out of Israel, the App has been developed by Lighttricks. Talking about the App features, it comes with tools that can help retouch and retune your face. The app also allows you to add structural changes to your face, in turn, giving your photographs a proper shape and form as you would like it to have. Furthermore, you can whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, correct red-eye effects, and much more for you to explore.

Download Facetune 2 for iOS & Android now!

10. SODA

Last but not the least, we recommend you SODA, which fits in out top ten list as the best BeautyPlus alternatives. Compared to other Apps, SODA is new to this platform but has immense potential of growth in it. The App has a perfect combination of filters and makeup that will help your pictures stand out and give it the sparkle you would like to see.

Download SODA for iOS & Android now!

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