11 Best PushBullet Alternatives For You [Top Picks]

Best PushBullet Alternatives

Here’s the list of Best PushBullet Alternatives.

If you are someone who looks for a convenient platform to transfer your files in a smooth and secure manner, then PushBullet must be a go-to platform for you. But facing the reality, the free version of this App does not have much to offer and the paid version is more on the expensive side. Right from taking actions against notifications, mirroring and replicating notifications, copy and pasting and much more things to consider, the free version lacks these basic features which might be a let-down.

So, by any chance, if you are looking for the best PushBullet alternatives available in the market, we have come up with different options for you to choose from. These Apps are at par and some are even better than PushBullet. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the list.

List of Best PushBullet Alternatives

1. Crono

If you are looking for an alternative which is on par or might as well better than PushBullet, Crono is here at your service. Just like PushBullet, it offers everything under the same roof. Not only does Crono have a strong and commendable user interface, but also allows you to receive all your notifications on your computer. Furthermore, using Crono you can also reply to your text messages from WhatsApp as well as like posts from Instagram. A key highlight to mention is, if a user deletes a notification using Crono, the App makes those changes in your device too, making your double work a one-time effort.

The App also allows users to share clipboard right from your mobile to your laptop or Personal Computer. Talking about the security aspect of the App, it is absolutely safe and secure and all the data transfer that takes place is end to end encrypted. The major point of difference here is, PushBullet offered only 100 notifications under its free plan to its users and then asked them to convert to a paid version. On the contrary, Crono offers 2400 notifications to its users. Without blinking an eye, the best PushBullet alternative is Crono.

Download Crono for Android

2. AirDroid

AirDroid helps you with everything you need. Right from making calls to answering them, installing Apps, transferring files and data, and checking notifications, AirDroid is an all-rounder in its service providing ability. With AirDroid, users can replicate its mobile’s user interface on their PC’S, acting as a mirror effect on a bigger screen. So basically, users will be able to control their messages and notifications from the comfort of their PC’s.

Although being a great App by itself, there is always something that is missing. In the case of AirDroid, it lacks the ability to share links and copy-paste text and other documents, which is a setback but a doable lack. The paid version of AirDroid is considered to be economical and better than PushBullet making it the best PushBullet alternative to consider.

Download AirDroid for Android

3. FolderSync

FolderSync empowers basic sync to cloud-based capacity to and from folders on the gadget SD cards. It bolsters a wide scope of various cloud suppliers and record conventions, and backing for additional stages are included consistently. Root document get to bolstered on established gadgets. The App allows you to sync your records. reinforce your music, pictures and other significant records from the mobile to your distributed storage or the opposite way around. It has never been simpler. Mechanical roots utilizing Tasker and comparative projects empowers fine-grained control of you adjusts.

FolderSync contains a full record director, that empowers you to deal with your documents locally and in the cloud. Duplicate, move and erase your documents in your cloud/remote records. You can also transfer and download records from the mobile.

Download FolderSync for Android

4. AirMore

If you are looking for a cross-platform App like PushBullet, then AirMore is the best PushBullet alternative you can get your hands on. This App allows users to connect their mobile devices to their PC through wired or wireless data configurations of the user. While using this App the only thing that users will need to keep in mind is to open the web browser on their desktops. Right from multimedia streaming, file transferring and receiving, Android screen reflecting, managing your contacts, messages, file management, and other secure transfers, AirMore is your all in one companion.

5. KDE Connect

By any chance, if you happen to be a Linux user, then KDE Connect is one of the best PushBullet alternatives for you. As of now, it is free of cost and easy to use which helps users in integrating your mobile phone with your PC. Talking about its capabilities, users can easily regulate media playback, send and receive files and data, share URLs, gain access to notifications from Third-Party Apps and also send in the input. KDE Connect does not support receiving calls yet but, the best part about this app is that it allows you to change the song track playing on your laptop and manipulate it the way you wish to see it. Overall, KDE Connect is a great replacement especially for Linux users and one should get their hands on it right away.

Download KDE Connect for Android

6. Pushover

Just like PushBullet, Pushover offers and deals with various automation apps and IFTTT functionalities. The services you are looking for can be integrated with the help of Tasker and IFTTT. Furthermore, the user can also utilize the Pushover user key to ascertain control over the PC which is using Google Assistant.

Also, investing in Pushover is a one-time deal and then you can utilize its services, updates, and App patches for free for the rest of your life. So, if this is what you are looking for and Pushover sounds like a deal to you, then it is the best PushBullet alternative for you indeed.

Download Pushover for Android

7. Your Phone Companion

One of the most effective and best PushBullet alternatives is hands down, Your Phone Companion. This is an application publicizing and file transferring services which have been included with Windows 10 and is also accessible for Windows 10 Mobile.

It gives a fractional rundown of Microsoft applications that are accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. So as to utilize the Phone Companion, clients must sign in with a Microsoft Account, which will match up establishment progress across gadgets. With this App, users can transfer files and photographs from their mobile phones to their PCs.

Download Your Phone Companion for Android

8. EasyJoin

Talking about EasyJoin, it is comparatively a new edition to the market. Even though being new; the App has gained quite a lot of popularity and has its own fixed set of users. The best part of EasyJoin is that the maximum functionality of this App is free; and provides users with features that are available under a paid plan for no cost.

For starters, you can access all sorts of notifications through your PC and also perform various other operations such as snoozing, marking the message as read, and much more. All in all, EasyJoin is definitely one of the best PushBullet alternatives for you to consider.

Download EasyJoin for Android

9. Bridge

Quite similar in terms of its user interface, Bridge is another best PushBullet alternative to consider. Although Bridge lacks some basic features such as sharing files and supporting the call feature; users can get their hands-on notifications through this App. Bridgeworks through a web-based data storage model where all your information and data is saved for future reference.

By any chance, if you are using Bridge through multiple devices through a single account; in that case, all your data will be stored in this web-based storage model. One of the highlights of using Bridge is that, if you clear or reply to a notification from your PC; it does the same on your mobile phone as well. When compared to PushBullet, Bridge is pretty economical and is a one-time investment.

Download Bridge for Android

10. Gotify

Gotify is a great command line App which allows pushing messages and notifications through Gotify servers. This App helps users to create a push notification on any new or recently received message or notification. Not only does the App allow to send messages through REST-API but also allows user to subscribe and receive messages with the help of web socket connections.

So, if you are looking for a self-hosted, free and open-source, a simple cross-platform with code quality tests then Gotify is the best PushBullet alternative for you.

Download Gotify for Android

11. SyncMe Wireless

SyncMe Wireless allows you to move, sync, copy, and backup your data and files over various modes such as -WiFi, USB Tethering, Mobile data, or even your wired network system configurations. The only thing you need to do is enable ‘Sharing’ on your PC’s and you are good to go as the App will do the job for you.

There are quite a lot of things to expect from SyncMe Wireless such as one- and two-way sync, deleting syncs, schedule transfers, and much more to explore. Last but not the least, SyncMe Wireless is one of the best PushBullet alternatives to consider.

Download SyncMe Wireless for Android

Does PushBullet work with iPhone?

Yes, it works with iPhone and iPad. You can get links, notes, files, etc easily and fast by using PushBullet.

Is PushBullet free?

Yes, PushBullet is a free application but it’s Pro version is available for $4.99 per month.

Who is PushBullet’s CEO?

Ryan Oldenburg is Co-Founder and CEO of PushBullet.