12 Best CamScanner Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best CamScanner Alternatives

Here’s the list of Best CamScanner Alternatives

CamScanner was a power-packed App which was perfectly developed for scanning documents. The suspension of the App due to security reasons and data and privacy infringements have turned a lot of heads. The number of features that CamScanner offered for free was absolutely commendable. Right from scanning documents to other advanced features, CamScanner had it all.

So, if you are someone who had to let go of CamScanner and are looking for other options to explore, here is a list of best CamScanner alternatives that you might like and want to get your hands on, as soon as possible.

List of Best CamScanner Alternatives

1. Clear Scan

Clear Scan is a scanning app that allows its users to smoothly scan any document and share it as jpg or pdf through mail or any other preferred mode of sharing. Users can scan anything they like right from newspaper articles to important documents right under one roof. Furthermore, Clear Scan allows users to select the preferred size of the document they wish to share it in. So, if you are someone looking for a change after the recent suspension, then Clear Scan is one of the best CamScanner alternatives to look for.

Download Clear Scan for Android

2. Scanner App

This App is helpful for anyone who runs a small business or has a moderate amount of scanning work to do. Not only does this App support document scanning, but also features stable support for electronic signatures, text recognition through OCR models, pin protection, easy sharing of scanned documents and many more feature to explore. If these features interest you, then Scanner App is the best CamScanner alternative for you to download right away.

Download Scanner App for Android

3. Google Drive 

Google Drive users for a fact know that there is an inbuilt scanner that the App offers. There is a button that is provided and users who wish to scan their documents will have to tap the button to get started. The App is simple with basic features and offers nothing out of the box. So, if you are looking for something simple, then Google Drive is the best CamScanner alternative for you.

Download Google Drive for Android & iOS

4. Microsoft Office Lens

The Office Lens isn’t only an archive scanner application, yet can likewise check transcribed notes, whiteboard tables, and charts and make it meaningful. You can additionally send out these archives straight into Word or PowerPoint records and clarify from thereon. That being said, Microsoft Office Lens is one the best CamScanner alternative to consider.

Download Microsoft Office Lens for Android & iOS

5. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan can perceive the kind of report and shrewdly crop the picture sparing you both time and bother. The application additionally has different choices to upgrade the picture nature of checked reports. Furthermore, users can also export the scanned document is high quality, without hindering the picture quality.

Download Adobe Scan for Android & iOS

6. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable can filter notes, business cards, receipts and essentially any paper report with extraordinary clearness. It additionally utilizes keen edge discovery and yields the picture consequently. Further, you can spare the checked records in your camera roll or fare those as PDF documents.

There is email just as cloud reconciliation inside the application so you can examine a record and send it to your companions or associate with no issue. If these features seem feasible to you, then Evernote Scannable is surely one of the best CamScanner alternatives under this segment to consider.

Download Evernote Scannable for Android & iOS

7. Scanbot  

Scanbot has shrewd edge recognition and auto-crop usefulness which are in the same class as CamScanner. Aside from that, you have a multi-page filter which is essentially CamScanner’s bunch mode, OCR text acknowledgment, record altering, and comments. Furthermore, Scanbot can look for reports with the help of text recognition models.

Download Scanbot for Android & iOS

8. TapScanner  

In contrast to different scanners, TapScanner takes 3 concurrent photographs and makes itemized filtered archives. TapScanner has a few channels simply like CamScanner with a capacity to alter pictures without even a second’s pause. It can likewise consequently recognize outskirts and trim pictures keenly. Aside from that, you have OCR bolster which works quite well, cloud reconciliation and records can be traded in PDF, JPG, or PNG groups.

Download TapScanner for Android & iOS

9. Notebloc

Notebloc has OCR support, cluster examining, archive altering, and cloud reconciliation inside the application. Nonetheless, the best element of Notebloc is that there is no watermark on the checked reports and that is basically incredible. Numerous individuals griped about CamScanner’s nonsensically enormous watermark and Notebloc does route with it. If this is what you are looking for, then the best CamScanner alternative for you is Notebloc.

Download Notebloc for Android & iOS

10. FastScanner  

The post-handling on this application is truly fast and I was truly amazed in the wake of seeing the degree of subtleties in checked archives. Aside from that, you have edge location, yet it’s not too bad, best case scenario and now and then you need to change the fringes. The versatile features and clear set up structures makes it the best CamScanner alternative to consider.

Download FastScanner for Android & iOS

11. TurboScan

TurboScan has an extraordinary honing mode which does marvels to checked reports. You get fresh filtered pictures that can be sent out in PDF, PNG, or JPG. You additionally have auto edge identification, multipage filtering, combination with Dropbox, and email incorporation inside the application. This small and intricate detailing in the App makes it one of the best CamScanner alternatives to consider.

Download TurboScan for Android & iOS

12. PhotoScan

PhotoScan utilizes Google’s incredible post-handling calculation to make an advanced photograph without missing out on subtleties. In contrast to other photograph scanners, it doesn’t have glares or imperfections. There is additionally edge identification and programmed trimming which is far better than CamScanner’s edge recognition.

Download PhotoScan for Android & iOS

Is CamScanner a Chinese company?

Yes, CamScanner is a Chinese company, owned by an INTSIG company based in Shanghai.

What can I use instead of CamScanner?

You can use Laserfiche, Pocket Scanner, ABBYY FineReader client, IBM Datacap Mobile, Kofax, etc instead of CamScanner.

Which app is better than CamScanner?

Adobe Scan application is better than CamScanner.