10 Best Cute Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max [Hand Picked]

Best Cute Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here’s the list of best cute cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Phone Cases are a great way to keep your device protected against all those accidental bumps and scratches that can happen every day. But let’s not forget, these covers are also a perfect opportunity to customize your device to let it reflect your sense of style.

iPhone users know the struggle of finding the right phone case that combines usability and affordability with all the thousands of options out there. That is why we have selected some of the most trendy designs to help you out.

List of Best Cute Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here’s the list of Best Cute Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Start scrolling and compare features and prices to pick your favorite.

1. Coolwee


Elegance combined with functionality; Coolwee’s Cases are designed to perfectly fit your brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max. This phone case captures the modern aesthetic with beautiful pastel shades and a metallic lining to give your cell phone a trendy touch. The gorgeous marble outlines and light tones are guaranteed to turn heads.

The Coolwee Phone Case helps to keep your display screen and the triple camera setup at the back, safe from smudges and scratches, thanks to its strong thickened edges. You are guaranteed to enjoy basic protection to your phone from low-level drops and bumps with the raised corners along the edges plus the durable TPU material of the case.

What’s more; it’s priced ridiculously low at $9.99 for the kind of tasteful look and protective features that it offers.

2. Wumay


Wumay makes some of the best cute cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max. This Case has a Rose Gold Mettalic inlay which gives your phone that classy finesse. The sleek design on this great case is to die for!

It’s not just another good looking case either, because this dazzling model also comes with advanced protective features and a magnetic mount. The TPU built case ensures that your new iPhone survives accidental falls and rough handling.

It has a quaint metallic ring at the back which makes it pretty convenient to carry the phone around. This ring also props up the device when you’re watching a nice movie or video calling your friends. Get this amazing iPhone case for just $14.99.

3. Cutebe


This iPhone 12 Pro Max case has a delightful floral overlay on a transparent surface. The Case lets you flaunt the sleek back of your brand new iPhone while also adding that cute personal touch.

This iPhone case is made of strong shock-absorbent material to keep your device protected from damage caused by drops and bumps. It has a double protective layer with a raised back to prevent scratches on the camera surface. This model combines the benefits of a light-string material with a pretty design. This Cutebe case is also priced rather reasonably at $16.99.

4. Yxiuexur


The phone case from Yxiuexur sets off a dazzling look to your iPhone with a pretty pink and blue gradient effect. The semi-transparent phone case adds that extra flair to your phone so that you stand out wherever you go.

This case is specially designed to resist damage from hard impact with its TPU material shell. The edges on this case are enhanced to keep the corners scuff-free. Its raised corners also prevent scratches on the surface. This case is extra flexible and smooth to give you a much better grip on your device so that you can carry it around easily. This adorable case is sold for just $5.99.

5. Niufoey


The Niufoey Phone Case perfectly matches your sparkling personality with its shiny liquid glitter design. The flowing silver sequins at the back make your iPhone look delightfully quirky and pretty.

This case has an anti-slip feature to keep it secure in your hands. Even if you do accidentally drop it, the fortified corners and durable material keeps your device safe. You don’t have to worry about dragging along any extra weight as it’s made to be extremely light and portable. The model is cut out to perfectly fit your iPhone at a low price of $13.99.

6. Sonix


Sonix has a colorful range of the best cute cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone cases are a great way to customize your iPhones with a whole series of exciting pop art and trendy designs to choose from.

This model has undergone rigorous 10 feet drop tests to ensure that it keeps your phone safe from all kinds of physical damage. This model is perfectly compatible with the latest iPhone charger and it also has an extra coat of UV resistant material which prevents the cute patterns on the case from fading away. These exquisite features are all sold at $45.00.



The Disney Collection Cases have redesigned everybody’s favorite cartoon characters to make adorable looking iPhone covers. These models are the perfect look for your new phones.

The cases are manufactured with durable and damage-proof material that can cushion your phone against external impact. The quirky phone holders are a convenient feature to keep your grip secure and also to hold up your phone screens for a hands-free experience. You can grab these delightful cases for just $19.99.



Beautiful floral patterns have resurfaced as a popular trend. The clear phone cases from Jaholan are embedded with elegant designs that make your phone look much more fashionable.

These cases are highly protective with the combined sturdiness of TPU and plastic. The patterns are molded in with special technology to keep them from getting chipped off or fading. The sleek design is also quite handy to slip into your pocket or hold in your hands. It’s a great buy for $11.99.



The phone case from KINGXBAR is intricately patterned with a radiant holographic skyscape. The dazzling stars and constellations are sure to make your phone quite an eye-catcher.

The thickened edges keep away smudges and scratches while the shock-resistant TPU material provides cushioning against falls and bumps. The smoothened surface gives you a much better grip and makes the phone fit snugly into your hands or your pockets at the great price of $12.99.

10. NZND


The designer phone case from NZND is another favorite with iPhone users who are looking for flashy and pretty covers. The bright color gradient on the case along with the floating glitter inside creates quite a fabulous look for your phone.

The rubberized edges and the strong material provide cushioning against low-level drops and bumps. The extra tempered glass that comes with the case lets you keep your phone screen safe as well. This product is sold in numerous different colors, at $9.98.

Choosing The Best Cute Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Finding the ideal case for your brand new iPhone can be rather confusing. It can become quite a hassle to browse all the different types and then check out all their different features.

Of course, it’s critical to make sure that the case you buy is long-lasting and can protect your device against rough handling. The weight of the case, its grip, and its compatibility with your phone should also be thoroughly reaffirmed before selecting the model.

Our catalog of the ‘Best Cute Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max’ lets you compare all these features side by side to help you find what you’re looking for.

Which is the best case for iPhone 12 Pro Max?

OtterBox Defender Series is the best case for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Should I get iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Both iPhone 12 variants are the same in features. But if you are looking for a larger screen, then iPhone 12 Pro Max is a better choice.

Which iPhone has the best camera quality?

iPhone 12 Pro has the best camera quality.