5 Best Free Weather Widgets For Android [Updated List]

Best Free Weather Widgets For Android

In this article, we are going talk about the Best Free Weather Widgets For Android.

The world has gradually moved on from traditional to techno in recent times. Starting from the most basic form of information, everything is available on a 5-inch screen at our fingertips. In the present era, news and reports have found their place in the technological world, thus reducing the burden of print and publish.

In the same way, weather forecasts and reports have itself gained an important position on our mobile screens, with a variety of free widgets for us to use.

List of Best Free Weather Widgets For Android

Let us have a look at some of the best free weather widgets for Android that we can use on our devices.

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast, developed by ‘smart-pro Android apps’ is one of the best weather apps available. It provides accurate and live information about the weather forecast and future updations. It is also a rising sensation among the android audience as it updates the forecast hourly and also provides a great background visual experience. We experience very less ad traffic and so it proves to be easy and less time consuming to have a quick weather check.



One weather is one of the most downloaded weather forecast widgets in the Google Play store. With the updated forecast shown right at the top, it is one of the best user-friendly weather application. Apart from the weather forecast, it also has a provision to display air quality. It provides a standard design and premium look to the home screen. Developed by Onelouder apps, Oneweather provides information in the most simple and efficient way.

Weather Forecast by BACHA soft

Weather Forecast by BACHA soft

BACHA soft has given life to one of the most innovative weather widgets for Android users. It comes up with a structural display of information without any difficulty to decode. It also provides us with the pinpoint weather report of any desired location. The inclusion of barometric pressure and precipitation levels make the difference here.

The special wind direction indicator in the radar screen also outstands it among the fellow applications. Once in a while, you may wish to go to a beach and chill the evening with a sunset. Well, don’t worry. This app predicts the sunset time too.

Weather forecast by Waiwao Studios

Weather forecast by Waiwao studios

One of the best free weather widgets for Android available, Waiwao Studios have designed it in the simplest way possible so as to ensure only a very minimal amount of ad traffic. Along with this simple decoding, crisp and accurate information is displayed in a natural outlook.

It also ensures an easy and clear reading experience on the home screen. It also makes the less often needed information ready to read through simple drags and clicks. A 25-day weather forecast and weather alerts also make this app a reliable one.

Weawow – Weather and Widget

Weawow - Weather and Widget

As the name suggests, it displays one of the clear and rich weather widgets on the home screen. The graphics look amazing and rather than a matchbox of information, Weawow has succeeded in displaying the forecasts in the clearest and systematic way. It is rich with a variety of themes and has the provision of many adjustable features like map appearance and map zoom. It also provides us with the upcoming weather patterns of any place that we wish to go to.

Since the weather has been seen as flexible and fluctuating rapidly in recent years, a weather report at our fingertips is very necessary. Having any one of these widgets in your smartphones will surely make your weather updations easier and time-saving. Get started!

Which is the best free weather app?

AccuWeather is the best free weather application.

Which is the best clock widget for Android?

1Weather is the best clock widget for Android.

What weather app do meteorologists use?

RadarScope application is used by meteorologists.

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