12 Best Free Clock Widgets For Android [Updated List]

Best Free Clock Widgets For Android

In this article Fixing Port has something new and exciting. We have curated a list of Best Free Clock Widgets For Android that you need to consider purchasing right away. The immensely popular mobile operating system Android, occupies close to three-fourths of the market, as of October 2020.

List Of Best Free Clock Widgets For Android

Resultantly, the market for Android Apps and widgets development is booming. However, with so many options at hand, it is often confusing and equally time-consuming to go for the best clock widget pick for your specific needs on Android. Ironically, if you are seeking the perfect Clock widget for your requirements!

Fear not!

1. Transparent Clock & Weather Forecast

Transparent Clock & Weather Forecast

A popular among the best free clock widgets for Android,  you get with this wide range of choice between 11 widget templates, 8 suits the dual function of time, and weather indication. The variance is mostly in terms of the weather data made available on the widget, time can be displayed by attuning the app-settings to a 12 or 24-hour timeline as you prefer.

As the name itself suggests, the widget is necessarily transparent. Depending on the widget-choice, you can get information not only about the climate but also the memory storage status of your phone, too.

Offered by: MACHAPP Software Ltd

Average Rating: 4.6/5

2. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Remember the times bygone, when you would see a calendar which required you to change the date thereon, every single day? A fresh take on the appearance of the flip calendars, minus the pesky efforts, is a unique offering presented by Sense Flip Clock & Weather.

The free clock widget is available in three size formats. While the differences in each of these three are mainly observed in its widget-weather presentation, the clock widget is rather consistent, clean, and to the point. Want direct and fuss-free? Go for this.

Offered by: MACHAPP Software Ltd

Average Rating: 4.6/5

3. Sectograph


Mean business? Love to plan to the very last minute? Let Sectograph bear some of your load, so that the next time you pull your phone out, you’re all set! Stylized as the 12-hour analog clock, it doubles up as your personal scheduling assistant. A detailed how-to-use tutorial, and also set you up to get the best out of it in the demo mode which you can exit once you learn your way around. And trust us, it is pretty easy.

Zoom in as you like it clicking on a particular sector for an insight into your schedule. Oh, and before it slips out of our minds. It kind of triples up as a calendar too! This one-of-a-kind widget from the free clock widget is sure going to turn your Android device into your new best friend!

Utility, Cool appearance, Multifunctionality? Check!

Offered by: Laboratory 27

Average Rating: 4.6/ 5

4. 1Weather


Our pick for the best free clock widgets for Android will definitely suggest you try this one out. Friendly user interface and ease of use make the widget very popular. Besides being functional, so far as your weather updates are concerned, the widget has yet another crucial plus-factor, so far as your clock related needs are concerned.

The option to add the widget to the home screen is available in 12 eye-appealing variations. Of these, 9 options offer you the freedom to choose from various weather-clock-combo widget styles for your needs. With the choice to slightly alter appearance settings, this one sure works well, adapting to your style and home screen appearance, too.

Offered By: OneLouder Apps

Average Rating: 4.5/5

5. World Clock & Widget

World Clock & Widget

Don’t be misled by the app-icon, this is a pretty straightforward widget here. Though there is not much scope for customization and other options, it is good enough if you want to simply know the timings in the selected time zones simultaneously.

Offered by: NRS Magic Ltd

Average Rating: 4.5

6. Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget

In our search for the best free clock widgets for Android, we came across this seemingly no-nonsense widget. Trust us though,  this one is actually pretty cool if you’re willing to take a chance. Additionally, it’ll also display the date for you. While the default setting is the 12-hour mode, you can easily change it into the 24-hour, in a jiffy.

Besides, the widget will also display the immediate next upcoming alarm you have set. Admittedly, it is a total no-frills widget. However, you get several options to custom-fit this widget, to suit your liking in terms of background, font, text (time) display colour, etc.

Offered by: Maize

Average Rating: 4.4

7. Classic Analog Clock-7

Classic Analog Clock-7

If you long for the warmth exuded by the now-disappearing old grandfather clocks, you will love this widget. In its free version, you get a choice between seven themes, can slightly modify the appearance, and set the widget to a size as to occupy the entire screen if you so desire.

Choose Roman or the Arabic styles on the face of the clock, or go for the 0-60 minute marker variety or the 24-hour representation on the analog dial. The exclusive style and wide flexibility and home screen free-sizing are the key strengths of this widget. Change the aesthetic of your device with this unique pick from the 12 best clock widgets for Android!

Offered by: StyleSeven.com

Average Rating: 4.2/ 5

8. Simple Analog Clock

Simple Analog Clock

This widget is a sure hit among those with minimalist tastes. Clear numerals, a widget that can be fit free-size on the home screen, and displays the second hand as well, this is a pretty decent option, if your requirements are limited.

Offered by: Tomoyuki Ono

Average Rating: 4.2

9. Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget

With the option to have a transparent background so as to merge into your home screen or otherwise, this widget also gives you the choice to enable the date on the widget, with controls to opt for a 24-hour display as well.

Offered by: MobileRise

Average Rating: 4.1/5

10. Clock By Google LLC

Clock By Google LLC

Possibly, no list drawn up for the best clock widgets for Android will be complete if you miss this one. When it comes to Google, one barely needs to bat an eyelid before opting for the product offered. Mainly a complete clock app, from a standalone perspective, the widgets too, are great to work with.

It is available in the digital as well as analog format, though the latter is slightly tedious, especially if you are in a rush- the clock face has no time-division markings! However, the digital widget is a true beauty. Sleek, sophisticated, and functional, it also allows you to hop between time zones, without any extra efforts, with a mere glance.

Offered by: Google LLC

Average Rating: 4.1/5

11. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

When on the look-out for the best free clock widgets for Android, we had to find something for folks who like different strokes. Those who ask,  why play by somebody else’s rules, when you can make your own? If creation is your drive, and a widget is your need, you will find both of these tied wonderfully courtesy of the clock for KWGT.

While you do have to also install their Kustom Widget Maker, its free version too will provide you ample avenues to change the shape, colour, background. Got a creative bent of mind or find nothing that fits your style? Make it happen with this fantastic combo.

Offered by: Kustom Industries

Average Rating: 4.0/5

12. Circle Clock

Circle Clock

Want everything your way? From fonts to colour? How about an emoji on the widget? Because honestly, clocks can be a tad bit boring. If you’re not as deep into actually creating a widget as provided for by the Kustom Widget Maker above, Circle Clock is a much simpler alternative.

The two basic shapes set, as also are the 4 clock styles you can opt for, the colour palette provided by this app is certainly visually rich and reflects well on the widget as well.

Offered by: Zopsoft Technology

Average Rating: 4.0/5

That’s a wrap for today. Keep tuning to Fixing Port for more awesome articles and content.

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