12 Best Gacha Games For Android And iOS [Updated List]

Best Gacha Games For Android

There are numerous games in the market, but Gacha games have earned immense respect in such a short time. The Gacha games are kind of old school that has a compelling storyline, multiplayer base, and special events to modify characters. Gacha mechanics, from where you can pull virtual items such as armors, costumes, and characters. If you are a fan of making your kingdom by earning rewards and building characters, check out the best Gacha games for Android and iOS.

Best Gacha Games For Android and iOS

Here’s the list of best Gacha Games for Android and iOS.

1. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

If you have ever played the games from the Final Fantasy series, you are going to enjoy Opera Omnia. Undoubtedly, Opera Omnia is the best Gacha Game for Android Devices. Also, it works wonders with RPG themes on Gacha Mechanics. RPG based games are the most popular Gacha games.

This game is built by Square Enix, the creators of final fantasy and can be played in different modes from single to multi-players. Besides this, the game has a combat system where the player needs to balance between offense and defense while striking.

Installation: Android /iOS

2. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code has everything embedded that a player expects from Gacha styled games. It has jPRG (Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs), anime-styled graphics, tactical elements, exclusive graphics, and an impressive background score. The game is a famous mobile RPG.

To accomplish this, you should have more than 50 developed characters. You can collect several characters and update the avatar with powers and abilities. The multiplayer mode of the game makes it a bit exciting. Multiple in-game events keep the player hooked to the game.

Installation: Android /iOS

3. Azur Lane

Azur Lane

Azur Lane needs no introduction in the arena of Gacha Games. It is the most popular and oldest game for Android and iOS users. If you don’t know, it is a Naval Warfare game with Gacha mechanics.

Azur Lane is a combination of different gaming genres such as tactical games, RPG, and 2F shooters. The best feature of the game is its user-friendly interface. Moreover, if you are playing any Gacha Game for the first time. Let Azur Lane give you all the thrills.

You can customize a fleet from 300 types of warships. By earning rewards, you can easily buy the ships. Also, you can collect the rewards to buy in-game currency to purchase more characters and ships. There is no requirement of spending money on the in-app purchase. It is a free game for iOS and Android users with Gacha Mechanics.

Installation: Android /iOS

4. Another Eden

Another Eden

It is a new game that has brought a new dimension to perceiving Gacha games. Another Eden is more than pulling a Gacha. It is also about the story and goal achievement. To protect the future, you need to start a journey beyond space and time.

The game has a compelling storyline (by Masato Kato) along with an RPG theme. The game has great visuals, graphics, and soundtracks for a better engagement. Another Eden is recently updated with the new characters. If you are looking for a thrilling game along with great visuals, install Another Eden on your android mobile system.

Installation: Android

5. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is a thriller game, where dragons and humans unite to fight against enemies. It also has a compelling storyline with a great Gacha element. The story is all about legends, heroes, and aliens. They also have a quest to remove the enemies from the throne.

After earning rewards, you can also turn your character into a dragon. The best feature of the game is, it has more than 60 characters. You can earn them just by beating the adversaries against you.

Dragalia Lost is the best choice among Gacha games to play on mobile phones.

Installation: Android /iOS

6. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd

In Honkai, you can get weapons, change outfits and turn yourself into the most powerful character by using Gacha mechanics successfully. The game is about three unique characters named Valkyries.

You can earn weapons called, “Stigmata” by being the unbeatable player of Honkai. The game is updated with new armors, outfits, and characters recently. Install the Honkai Impact 3rd and enjoy the action.

Installation: Android /iOS

7. Destiny Child

Destiny Child

It is among the most addictive mobile games. The game is all about building character by earning in-game currency. The aim is to become the strongest Archfiend of the Realm. The best part of Destiny Child is its visual graphics and attractive artwork.

All the characters are built thoughtfully. The unique voices of each character make the game more entertaining. If you are a fan of building characters, try your destiny with Destiny Child.

Installation: Android /iOS

8. Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin

You can say Tales of Erin is a complete Gacha game with drama, RPG action, elements, and fantasy. The game has a unique storyline. Also, it has music that goes with each character perfectly. Anime-styled scenes and great voice-over by characters make it more engaging.

Moreover, it has 80 different characters. The game also has great 3D animation and visuals. If you like to play games with an exciting storyline and great visuals, install Tales of Erin.

Installation: Android /iOS

9. Gacha World

Gacha World

Gacha World is one of the highest-rated games on the Play store. The game is all about the Gacha System. Players can customize their characters by battling Raid bosses and farming quests. 

By earning rewards, you can create Gacha World and buy more than 90 characters. You can customize the outfit of your character from head to toe. The game doesn’t ask you to earn in-app currency. You can acquire the in-game currency by performing numerous tasks and fighting battles.

Installation: Android /iOS

10. BLEACH Brave Souls

BLEACH Brave Souls

Have you ever heard about the hit anime series – Bleach universe? If yes, then you are going to love the BLEACH Brave Souls. The game is based on the characters and their powers from the Bleach universe. Players can create an army of characters by customizing different characters.

If you want to add the powers in all characters, you need to earn in-game rewards. Use the reward to pull the Gacha and get the favorite character, armor, outfit, and other elements.

BLEACH Brave Souls has great graphics and 3D gameplay with fast action. If you want a game with great graphic visuals and with your customized character, install this game.

Installation: Android /iOS

11. Gacha Life

Gacha Life

This is another game created by Lunime with advanced elements and Gacha Mechanics. You can customize your anime character according to your preferences, create a scene and story from its Studio.

Players can invade Life Mode to meet new friends and learn new techniques. Moreover, you can chat with fellow players and play mini-games. Overall, by collecting Gacha games, you can create anything. The 3D graphics give you the best gaming experience.

Installation: Android /iOS

12. Gacha Club

Gacha Club

The last game on the list is Gacha Club. It is available on both iOS and Android. The game has numerous characters. You can customize all the anime characters as per requirement. The Gacha Club offers almost 180 units to beginners to utilize on the battlefield. After customizing character, enter the Tower mode and collect gold, gems, materials to enhance the skills and earn Gacha.

Players can enter into clubs to find units and collect more rewards. The best part of the Gacha Club is that the customization doesn’t need any payment. You can access numerous customization options without paying a single penny. The beginners can get access to 10 characters. If you want 90 more characters, you need to unlock the game further. Play the game by using true Gacha mechanics.

Installation: Android /iOS


Hence, this was the list of best Gacha games for Android and iOS devices. These games do not only offer the Gacha Mechanics but also a compelling storyline and numerous characters. The best part is you can spend your in-game currency to buy more characters and superpowers. There is no need to sacrifice your cash for entertainment.

Which is the best Gacha Game For Android?

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is the best Gacha Game for Android.

Who developed Gacha Club?

Gacha Club was developed by Lunime game released in June 2020.

Who developed BLEACH Brave Souls?

BLEACH Brave Souls was developed by KLabGames.