7 Best SHAREit Alternatives That You Should Consider

Best SHAREit Alternatives

Another task added to your worklist is to find the best SHAREit alternatives after SHAREit got banned in some countries. The SHAREit application offered services like sharing files offline whether it is videos, photos, music, contacts, or applications.

SHAREit has high standards that it did compete with Apple’s Airdrop file-sharing feature. However, there happened such incidents that push it down all at once.

What exactly happened?

The most common reason for its replacement is the occurrence of multiple ads and bloating up at the time of functioning.

Whereas another reason is, India-China border clash. The Indian government had to ban not just SHAREit but another 58 applications from the security point of view. Speaking of which, Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro found serious flaws in the SHAREit application. According to them, the attackers can abuse the application to steal sensitive data and perform remote code execution.

Best SHAREit Alternatives

To lessen your headache, we bring you the seven best SHAREit alternatives.

1. Files (by Google)


Files is a sharing application designed and developed by Google. It is freely available in the Play Store. Files is a Google file manager application that enables you to share data like photos, music, videos, documents, and applications to available devices. This application doesn’t require an active internet connection.

Now that it is by Google, security concern has no place to bother you. Moreover, this application is add-free, bloat-free, i.e. it runs faster and even helps you to clean your storage and organize files in a better way. You can download this application from this link.

Noting that the sharing feature provided by Files is only available to Android phones. Unlike SHAREit, you can’t send and receive files to PCs or an iOS device.

2. Nearby Share (by Google)

Nearby Share

We bring you another application from the basket of Google ‘Nearby Share’. Earlier, it was known as Fast Share. Just as its name speaks, it is quick and reliable to share any data. Besides this, you don’t have to download it from anywhere. Yes, that is true. It’s one kind of a built-in application on the Android phone that can be accessed by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings > Google > Devices connections and turn on Nearby Share. Once done at both ends (sender and receiver) you can exchange data anytime without any hedge.

Nearby Share wires Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer WiFi (WiFi Direct). Hence you can share data even if the Wifi network is unavailable.

However, the following application can be accessible only if your smartphone is running on Marshmallow or version above it and sadly it is unavailable for iOS users.

3. Elapp


Elapp application allows you to share data across diverse devices. This application transfers data with cross-platform support and a modern user interface (UI). That means now, you can share pictures, videos, and many more across Android/iOS/Windows/macOS with this one application.

However, device detection is easy as it requires a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Imagine, if you can send data across the borders, seas, and ocean, how would that be? Great! right. Send Anywhere is that network for you. It works on the Wi-Fi connection and uses a 256-bit strong file encryption method.

Now, you need to know how it works. Send Anywhere generate a 6-digit security code. With the shared link, you can either send or receive the files. Note that it is valid for up to 48 hrs and you can share the link with multiple users at a time. To avoid any risk, you can even send a notification to the targeted device that works without a security code.

Another interesting fact is that it can send original file size without exploiting the quality and that too anywhere in the world. Even in respect of the speed Send Anywhere up to the mark.

Hence, to take advantage of this application, you need to have a strong internet connection. Besides this, the freemium version is limited in functionality and the premium version is pretty expensive ($5,99/month) for general use.

5. Snapdrop


Snapdrop is also one of the best SHAREit alternatives as it also competes with Apple’s file-sharing feature “Airdrop”. If you look at the interface, it is quite similar to Airdrop. With this application, you can share data easily and conformably without worrying about the size. It also features a straightforward way of sharing data across devices and freely available on the internet.

Unlike SHAREit, Snapdrop requires an internet connection as it is a web-only application. Thus, for online sharing platforms, it can be considered as an alternative.

6. Instashare


For two main reasons, Instashare can become your favorite application as the best SHAREit alternative. One is its adaptability and the other is the flawless performance for cross-platforms. Even using the application feels absolute light. It doesn’t put any limit on data size though offers a free trial just for 7 days. Whereas the premium version will cost you $6.96 to continue.

To share files/data, tap on the share button > Instasharen> a pop-up showing available devices > choose the one you like to share data with.

7. Realme/Mi/Oppo/Vivo Share

Realme Mi Oppo Vivo Share

All the smartphones provide a built-in sharing application that lessens your need for SHAREit. This file-sharing application works flawlessly and bloat-free. It is easy to use and speedy too. However, it is available to the smartphone running on the latest version Android 10.


For Samsung users also, the company offers a file-sharing application, namely Quickshare. Not to forget, these applications don’t allow cross-platform sharing as provided by Instashare and Elapp.

What is the best alternative to SHAREit?

Nearby Share is the best SHAREit alternative.

Is SHAREit a Chinese app?

Yes, it is a Chinese application.

Who is owner of SHAREit?

The owner of SHAREit is Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd.