20 Best Story-Driven PS Vita Games [Best Picks For You]

Best Story-Driven PS Vita Games

Sony has developed many video game devices of PS vista is the only handheld videogame in the Playstation series. They have also launched some of the best story-driven PS Vita games, which is immensely enjoyed by the players. Usually, the games developed for this platform is loosely based on Japanese role-playing games.

Here is a list of best story-driven PS Vita games so that you can select the enthralling games which will entertain you the most.

List of Best Story-Driven PS Vita Games

1. Zero Escape Series

Zero Escape Series Game

This is an adventure game series where the players can choose from the two-alternate type of game they wish to play. In one version, the player has to solve the puzzle and escape from the room-scenarios, and the second is the novelty version where the player reads the game narrative through the visual novel segments and takes a decision that will influence the progress of the player.

2. Danganronpa Series

Danganronpa Series

This is a visual novelty style game in which a group of school students is forced into a killing game. The game is divided into three key sections – daily life, deadly life, and class trial. The daily life follows a standard visual novel style, deadly life is a post-murder investigation part of the game, and a class trial is the main gameplay mode of the series.

3. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly/Ashen Hawk

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Game

This is a two-story based visual novel video game in which the player reads the story and makes the decision that will affect the direction of the story, which will lead to a different ending. The stories are based on Black Butterfly, an amnesiac woman who has to hunt a black butterfly and Ashen Hawk, who is a witch disguised as a boy living out of the village.

4. Persona 2 / Persona 3 / Persona 4

Persona Series

This is a role-playing video game in which the player controls the main protagonist, who arrives at a town named Inaba. There are two worlds in the game, one is the world of Inaba, where the player has to carry out daily life works, and there is a second world known as TV world where the player progresses through the game by fighting the various monsters.

5. Corpse Party

Corpse Party Game

This is a survival horror-based adventure video game with some role-playing elements. The players have to explore the haunting school grounds and find ways to escape. To complete the task, the players have to interact with the environment, characters, and surroundings, all the while avoiding the enemies.

6. Chrono trigger

Chrono trigger Game

This is a role-playing video game which is considered as a classic game of PS one era and was launched compatible for PS vita and other gaming device considering its popularity. In this, the player controls the protagonist through the two-dimensional world consisting of forest, cities, and dungeons.

7. Ultra-Despair Girls

Ultra-Despair Girls Game

This is an action-adventure video game, which is a spin of the Danganronpa series. This is a third-person adventure game having the elements of horror in which the player controls the main protagonist to survive in a city which is overrun by Monokuma robots armed with a megaphone shaped hacking gun.

8. Child of Light

Child of Light Game

This is a role-playing video game that has received critical acclaim as the player progresses through the game; the level of the character increases. During a battle, a player can control two characters and can be swap with the two waiting characters. Also, during a battle, a total of three enemies can appear.

9. 7’scarlet

7’scarlet Game

This is a story-based visual novel game in which the player reads through the story that affects the direction of the story. To uncover the whole story, the player has to replay the game multiple times by taking different paths. 

10. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Game

This is an action role-playing video game that focuses on a beat them up-style fighting where the player can take control of five characters in the fantasy continent of Erion during a war between Ringford and Ragnanival over a weapon called the Crystallization cauldron.

11. Soul Sacrifice Delta

Soul Sacrifice Delta Game

This is an action role-playing video game in which the player can sacrifice the parts of the character body or items to create a devastating attack, but it is not an infinite resource. There are multiple endings for the game before completing the main stories.

12. Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth Game

This is an action role-playing game set on a Japanese island of Honshu during the Edo era with the overall setting based on Japanese folklore and mythology. There are two lead characters, one being Momohime, a princess, and the second being Kisuke, a runaway ninja.

13. Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3 Game

This is an action-adventure stealth video game, which is a prequel to the original Metal Gear. The player can control the main protagonist and move through the hostile and enemy-infested environment undetected. The player finds many weapons and gadgets along the way, which they can either use to destroy the enemies or track the enemy soldiers so that they can avoid them from confrontation.

14. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

Utawarerumono - Mask of Deception Game

This is a tactical role-playing visual novel game in which the main protagonist Haku is rescued by a beautiful girl named Kuon. They team up and encounter colorful characters; both people and animals build relationships and battle enemies. The game is a grand tale having a stunning visual novel format with a magnificent soundtrack having a dark climax.

15. Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

Utawarerumono - Mask of Truth Game

This is also a tactical role-playing visual game and sequel to Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception. In this game, Kuon awakens in her homeland but doesn’t remember the previous game journey. The colorful characters remain more or less the same and focus more on the narrative.

16. Undertale

Undertale Game

This is a role-playing video game in which the main character is a child who falls into a large underground, which is a secluded region under the surface of the earth. The player meets numerous monsters in the journey back towards the surface of the earth. The player can either subdue or pacify the monsters instead of killing them.

17. The Caligula Effect

The Caligula Effect Game

This is a role-playing game based on combat, which is held in a dungeon environment. The combat is taken place with the enemy characters as you explore the dungeon. It has a unique storyline in which a group of students is trying to escape the virtual world of Morbius. After progressing to a certain level, side-quests are also unlocked.

18. The Walking Dead Seasons One & Two

Best Story-Driven PS Vita Games

This is an adventure video game with graphic details, and the storyline is based on a comic series of the same name. The season one starts initially from Georgia, and after the events, the second season starts with the protagonist moving toward the north of the United States along the eastern seaboard. This is one of those games which every PS vita player should experience.

19. Actual Sunlight

Actual Sunlight Game

This is an interactive heavy story game in which the protagonist is consumed by his dark inner thoughts. It is a game that will give you a glimpse of depression and self-loathing a person feels. The game revolves around the protagonist waking, going to work, eating, getting drunk, and playing a video game. The player is forced to feel the monotony and soul-crushing daily life.

20. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Uncharted - Golden Abyss Game

This is an action-adventure, single-player videogame which is a part of the popular Uncharted series. The story of the game follows the protagonist Nathan Drake and a fellow companion Marisa Chase to discover the lost city of Quivira while being chased by a warlord and competing with a crooked treasure hunter Jason Dante. Overall the game has received positive reviews, and the execution considers to be in par with the home console.

We hope the above list of best story-driven PS Vita games will make your journey through PS vita games as enjoyable as you enjoyed with other devices.