10 Best Whiteboard Animation Software [Best Picks]

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Here’s the list of best Whiteboard Animation Software.

Whiteboard animation is a type of hand illustration or a presentation on a whiteboard using different color inks. You can use it to make your video more interactive, illustrative, and interesting for your audience, especially for explainer videos.

So, if you also want to start using the whiteboard animation software you do not require any special skill or any investment you just need to have a basic knowledge about whiteboard animation software and a computer or laptop.

This software makes video editing easy and comfortable for you and gives out a high-quality explainer video that you can use on your website, YouTube channel, or any other platform where you want to post your content.

List Of Best Whiteboard Animation Software

So, now let us take a look at the best whiteboard animation software.

1. VideoScribe


VideoScribe is a superb video creation and whiteboard animation software that helps you to create quick, easy, and amazing whiteboard videos. It does all the heavy lifting work and you just have to pick text, images and add a voice-over.

If you want you can also download the app on your phone for more security and ease of use than the online site. Its drag and drop feature is easy to use which allows you to create interesting and engaging whiteboard videos.

In VideoScribe you also have an access to a large library of free background music, you can also add your own music for customization. You can download the final video in multiple formats and can post the video directly on Sho.Co, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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2. Renderforest


Renderforest helps you to create illustrative and interactive videos using many simple pre-made whiteboard animations. It is a free whiteboard animation software that comes with a free version. Renderforest provides a huge library of animated objects and tools that you can use to create videos.

You get access to 50,000 unique scenes using which you can kickstart your video editing journey. A vast range of custom text, logos, images, and colors are there to help you personalize your video. It also offers a massive library of songs and also you can add other background music to the library.

Renderforest helps you to create videos in 3D format. Their support for their customers via both phone and email is amazing.

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3. Animaker


Animaker helps you to create amazing and flawless animated videos with just a few clicks. Here you can also create live-action videos within a few minutes. The drag and drop feature of this software enables you to build powerful characters and interesting stories.

Animaker comes with four different and new styles that are:

  • Blackboard Videos
  • Stitchboard
  • Glassboard
  • Whiteboard Animation/Notepad

It also offers a massive library of over 100 million videos and pictures, you also have an option to choose from over 1000 templates. Some of its best features are auto lip-sync, facial expressions, gradient backgrounds, and many more.

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4. Vyond


Vyond is one of the best whiteboard animation software that allows you to create professional whiteboard animation videos for fields like marketing, training, eLearning, and many more. It helps you to achieve better visual communication through powerful illustrating, storytelling, and customization of content.

You can import MP4 files into your LMS (learning management system) and give out a more immersive learning experience. Features like dialogue, lip-sync, and realistic movements make your content more engaging and interesting for the viewers.

This software offers you multiple pre-built templates, libraries, and many useful tools to create interesting content. Vyond has high-security measures to safeguard their customer’s privacy.

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5. MySimpleShow


MySimpleShow is another best whiteboard animation software to create easy and quick whiteboard animated videos. You can create a high-quality video in MySimpleShow with a few simple steps.

You just need to:

  • Select a template of your choice
  • Write down your script
  • Visualize the video on the whiteboard
  • Finalize the speed and add voice over
  • At last, download the video and share it on any platform where you want. It also gives you suggestions for your video.

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6. FilmoraPro


FilmoraPro is one of the best whiteboard animation software. It has an easy-to-use UI and offers you professional tools like color correction and an audio mixer etc. It also supports HD, 2D, and 3D animations and provides smooth animation.

You can also remove the background music in the video and replace it with your high-quality music. The audio functions don’t end here. You also can leverage audio compression, noise reduction, and audio transitions to manage the audio quality efficiently.

With the use of Filmora Pro, you can easily add texts or graphics to your video. You can customize your own animations or can use motion templates. If you’re not satisfied with the motions, you can change the duration and speed of the animation to achieve seamless sync. You can also add camera movements to your video.

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7. Doodly


Doodly is a drag-and-drop whiteboard animation software. It allows you to create videos for marketing, sales, and other special occasions. All you need to do is drag an image of your choice on the canvas, and Doodly will automatically create a doodle out of that image for you.

The ‘Smart Draw’ feature creates point-and-click custom draw paths. This means that you can draw any image of your choice and upload it.

You can also choose images from a massive library including both male and female characters of various sizes, and colors. You can also add a voice-over and sync to your video using a single click.

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8. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is a video editor and doodle creation tool that allows you to create superb sketch videos in few minutes. You just need to upload a video, and the software will create a sketch of the video given automatically. It makes the transition super easy and you can also set the duration of the video before its transition.

You can create a whiteboard animation video in just a few simple steps. They provide you with over 50 brushes, pens, chalks, and crayons to help you create the type of video you want.

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9. PowToon


PowToon is a visual communication platform that is easy and quick to use. It allows you to create professional whiteboard animation videos easily. PowToon offers a large library of templates for multiple genres, like marketing, training, sales, HR, and education.

It also integrates with popular photo editor Adobe Photoshop CC to transform your static PSDs into beautiful animated videos. Not just that, you can also edit PowToon images on Photoshop.

You can either export the video in MP4 format or directly publish it on the platform where you want. And, you can increase the depth of your content with custom images, music, HD videos, and voiceover.

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10. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC helps you to create whiteboard animation videos with different animation techniques. With the use of Adobe Animate CC, you can easily add banners, ads, and animated characters to your video.

It also lets you publish the video on different online platforms. You can also use Adobe Fresco live brushes to create amazing characters with features like walking, talk, and blink and then you can instantly share it on social media platforms through a single click.

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We hope after going through this article you’ve understood which is the best whiteboard animation software. If you having any queries regarding this topic, please let us know in the comment section.

Which is the best free whiteboard animation software?

Explaindio is the best free whiteboard animation software.

Is Adobe Animate free?

Yes, Adobe Animate is free.

Which is better Toonly or Animaker?

Animaker is better than Toonly as it offers a comprehensive library of scenes and provides more scenes.

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