Black Shark 3S Gaming Smartphone Set To Launch On July 31

Black Shark 3S Gaming Smartphone

After a long and exciting week, the latest news has spiked wherein Black Shark has stealthily reported having hinted about its next gaming phone launch on Social Media. As per reports; it has been reported that Black Shark 3S will be brought to action on the 31st of July. This launch is expected to take place in China. As per the hinting of Black Shark, the device will be sporting Snapdragon 865+ Chipset; which is nothing you could ever expect.

To share a piece of its creation, the Xiaomi based company, Black Shark was taken to Weibo. Avid Gamers and creators can expect Black Shark 3S as a superior and way advanced upgrade to its former version, Black Shark 3. Black Shark 3 was launched in March this year and just a few months down the line; Black Shark 3S is paving its way into the market. This event will not see any subsequent add on to Black Shark 3.

Black Shark 3S Specifications

As of now, we don’t know anything in detail about the Black Shark 3S, as it has been kept under complete secrecy and all we have, is speculations and assumptions. Talking about company listings or teasers posted by the company itself, the phone hasn’t winked its existence. Nothing as of now is confirmed and we are assuming, that the phone will sport the Snapdragon 856+ Chipset as it has been taken forth, right after its launch.

About its storage, there are chances that they might hold an expansion from U.F.S 3.0 to U.F.S 3.1; which doesn’t make a huge difference, keeping in mind the minor changes. Although, the highlight of this latest release is expected to be its high refresh rate. Black Shark 3 paraded AMOLED Display along with 6.67 inched Full HD Screen. Furthermore, it sported a 90Hz screen refresh rate and a 270Hz touch sampling rate.

We are expecting Black Shark 3S to be at par with its competitors and enter the 144Hz screen refresh rate arena with its latest launch. Talking about the other aspects, the design of the phone, the cooling mechanism; and working and RGB lighting are more or less, expected to be the same. The launch happens tomorrow, stay alert for more updates from us.

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