Can iPhones Get Malware From Websites? [Complete Information]

Can iPhones Get Malware

Can iPhones Get Malware from websites? Before all, we need to understand what malware is, basically viruses and other kinds of malicious software collectively known as malware, roaming around like a dark cloud over the world of technology.

Where Apple devices were thought to never get infected from these dark clouds, which leads us to think can iPhones get malware? Well, thanks to its operating system iOS which limits third-party app functions giving the most secure user interface. Google Threats and its Security Analysis team warned Apple,” that their devices can get malware embedded in websites”; officially published in their Project Zero report.

Can iPhones Get Malware And How?

To understand how malware gets into any device, we first need to know how it works. Viruses like much malicious software are specially coded programs designed to perform specific functions whether it be from gathering personal information, or to execute tasks without the user’s knowledge.

Once a specific virus is coded; it is then planted in various places like in a pop-up link while surfing on the internet or in a third-party application available for download to perform its purpose. Clicking the link or downloading such type of application leads the way for the virus to enter a device. From then the virus will be doing its tasks for which it is designed without the user’s knowledge.

Apple devices generally prevent any Third-party app to infect the device as its operating system restricts the functioning of an application. But according to Google’s research many devices including Apple is often infected by malware on the internet. As nowadays in the market Apple is the most secure phone when we talk about security; but it does not mean that iPhone can’t get malware from the website.

The main reason for getting malware in the iPhone is Jail-breaking; and the other reasons are when apps are not getting download from the app store. Apps from the app store are malware and virus free, but when we update it there will be some chances to get malware in it. If apps will be downloaded from the Safari Browser; it will go to untrusted enterprise developers which need to be trusted and it might transfer viruses in that process.

In a nutshell, once what was promised to be a private and secure platform by Apple, is compromised.

Can iPhones get malware from websites?

Yes, iPhones can get malware from websites if the device is jailbroken.

Does resetting the iPhone remove malware?

No, you should take the phone to an Apple store to fix this issue.

Does the iPhone need malware protection?

No, you don’t need an antivirus for your iPhone because they have the best security programs that protect your iPhone from malware.