How To Customize Samsung Watch? [Simple Guide]

How To Customize Samsung Watch

If you love to wear watches, then you may have a desire to wear different watches every day. The best thing about these customized Samsung watches is that you can give yourself a different look every time you wear it. Here, we have mentioned the instructions given briefly to customize the Samsung watch.

Steps to Customize Samsung Watch

Steps to change the face of the Watch

  • To change the face of the watch, you need to gently hold the face of the watch.
  • You may get many options to select, just browse and select the option you like.
  • For a good variation of your watch face, tap on Customize.
  • And get your accustomed look.

An alternative way to select Watch Faces

  • Select the power or home button on the screen.
  • After Rotating the bezel, you get an icon of Settings.
  • Tap on “Watch faces and styles”.
  • And then select “Watch faces”.
  • You have a lot of options and select one according to your desire.
  • Fire up the “Samsung gear app” on your phone.
  • Go to the Settings button in that app itself and tap on Watch faces.
  • Select the Watch faces you like and customize it.

Use Strap to customize the Samsung Watch

  • If you take a look properly, you would get a toggle on the side of the strap.
  • You need to slide that toggle gently.
  • Now, you can take another desirable strap, but the size of the strap must be kept in mind.
  • Slide the toggle, place the strap, and leave the toggle.

Here you get your customized Samsung watch with a new look. You can enjoy every day wearing watches with different faces that match your outfits. And this is the best gadget that you can come across.

How do I change the colour of my Samsung watch?

To change the colour on Samsung Watch, open the Galaxy Wearable application, scroll down and tap on Accessibility option, then tap on Visibility enhancements options and tap on Change colour option.

Can I put a picture on my Galaxy watch?

Yes, you can put a picture on a Galaxy watch, simply tap and hold the Watch Face. Swipe to the right to My Photo, and select Customize.

Can I shower with Galaxy Watch?

Yes, Galaxy Watch is water-proof. It is safe to wear while walking in the rain or showering.